A new BBC lover...safe sex?


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I have a new lover, a friend of my hubby. He is handsome, BBC and great lover. He assures us he is disease free and we trust him. Am I stupid or just a horny housewife? And did I say a nice BIG BC.


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He assures us he is disease free and we trust him. Am I stupid or just a horny housewife?
Should we assume this new lover has promised you that you will be his "only" sex partner from now on? I doubt that ... so, what does your husband say you should do?
I feel the same way as everyone, here, feels ... but if you really know the guy, and you know what to look for, with men you can often eliminate a lot of the std's ... chlamydia, herpes, etc. simply because their sexual organs are on the outside and more easily inspected. Personally, I worry more about the std's that there are no cures for, like herpes. If you, as a female, get herpes, your husband and you would never be able to have normal, unprotected sex again without putting him at risk of getting it, himself. Imagine how your relationship with your husband would change. And if you are wanting to have children, it puts the new baby at risk if vaginally delivered.
Statistics for disease control say that one in five sexually active people between age 16-35 have or have had some form of std ... that's a bit scary.
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Lost a friend to AIDS when she believed her lover that he was disease free. While thinking about having unprotected sex, take a hard look at STD facts:


And, if there is any doubt or no evidence of STD testing (as stated earlier by South Africa BBC more than one test may be required, especially for HIV) then


Kidding aside, when you lose a friend to STD, you really pay more attention to the facts.
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