A Moroccan Gift

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    A Moroccan Gift

    John and Carol were determined to enjoy their holiday in
    Morocco. It was their 5year wedding anniversary present
    to themselves and at the age of 28yrs, both with
    successful careers they had plenty to be thankful for.

    John was hoping the trip might take Carol's mind off the
    subject of children, since of late she had been dropping
    more and more hints that it would be good to start the
    family that they had talked about. John didn't feel
    ready however for all the intrusions that a baby would
    bring to their carefree lifestyles. At the back of his
    mind John also thought that once Carol had children his
    fantasy of seeing Carol with another man would
    disappear. It was a combination of his fantasy and a
    reticence to engage properly on the subject of babies
    that was to lead to the life changing holiday that they
    had embarked upon.

    Whilst packing for the holiday John had insisted that
    Carol should pack several revealing dresses together
    with 'appropriate' lingerie and two pairs of John's
    favorite high heeled sandals. There was something about
    seeing Carol's 5ft 6inch 125lb frame with long lithe
    legs dressed up like a model. No, to be correct John
    liked Carol to look slightly slutty since whenever they
    were out and she was dressed this way, numerous men
    would gaze at her long legs. John could imagine that
    they were all wondering what she would be like in bed
    with her long legs over their shoulders as they fucked

    This fantasy led one evening during a session of
    foreplay, to John suggesting that Carol might like to
    flirt and let herself be seduced by a big man. John had
    been busy tonguing Carol's sensitive nipples when he
    paused and slipped this suggestion into the
    conversation. Carol's reaction had been immediate.

    She had berated John for thinking that she would consent
    to be with another man even if he did have a bigger cock
    than his. It was this last comment that suggested to
    John that she had at least recognized that his cock
    might be on the small side. Later during their love
    making when John's condom covered cock was doing its
    best to make her feel good, he noticed that she seemed
    to be more excited than usual, but he wasn't sure he
    could pin it on the talk of this fantasy lover.

    So several weeks later they were checking into their
    plush hotel in Morocco. As they completed the
    formalities at the desk, John was aware that several of
    the local men were ogling Carol's bare legs. He said
    nothing but could feel his cock twitch and this
    continued when a young very dark skinned bell boy
    carried their cases up to their room. In the lift the
    bellboy stood behind Sarah and John could see him
    admiring her full curvaceous figure.

    When she stumbled on exiting the lift, John again
    noticed the bell boy quickly leap to her aid and put his
    muscular arm around her waist to help steady her. As
    Carol regained her balance and stood up her face came
    very close to the bellboy and just for a second they
    stared into each other's eyes before each of them
    composed themselves.

    John was drinking up the spectacle and of course it only
    served to fuel the fantasies he had, especially as the
    man was so dark skinned. Carol seemed not to have
    noticed, although John was sure her cheeks had reddened
    and her breathing was erratic.

    Once they had unpacked they went out to dinner and again
    John noticed many of the local Arab men were openly
    staring at his blond wife. Even Carol noticed eventually
    and asked John what was going on.

    John explained that attractive blond western women
    were highly prized in this region since most local men
    only ever saw local women who were darker skinned
    and had dark hair.

    Carol accepted the explanation even though it made her
    uncomfortable. She did however notice that she became
    more aroused when thinking of all this attention from
    these dark swarthy men.

    Over the next two days John and Carol did some
    sightseeing and then on the third day they decided to go
    out to a club that had been recommended to them. Carol
    asked John what she should wear and of course John
    suggested that she wear her most revealing dress,
    stockings and five inch heeled strappy sandals. John
    didn't know why he wanted her to dress this way in
    particular but he had a feeling that something might
    happen at the club.

    Carol protested and said "do you want to encourage all
    those men to ogle me even more?"

    John told her it was only harmless fun and since she
    had brought the clothes she should wear them.

    With reluctance Carol agreed and
    soon they were in a taxi heading to the club. Again John
    noticed that the driver was repeatedly looking in the
    mirror at Carol and he had the cheek to re-position the
    safety mirror so that he could look at Carol's legs.
    John had to admire the man's boldness and found himself
    smiling at the driver in response to his wink.

    Once in the club they found a quiet table and Carol was
    thankful that it was reasonably dark so that other men
    couldn't stare at her so much. During a couple of dances
    John could see various men gazing at Carol's body as she
    moved around the dance floor. For the most part Carol
    kept her eyes closed so that she couldn't see who might
    be looking.

    After an hour or so and several drinks later both John
    and Carol were feeling very relaxed. They were sitting
    chatting when a tall muscular Arab man appeared at their

    "Pardon the intrusion," he said, "but I wondered
    whether I could have a dance with your lovely wife?"
    John was immediately confronted by the opening gambit of
    his fantasy. Here was a man asking his wife to dance.
    Where might it lead?

    Carol on the other hand immediately said, "No thank you,
    I'm married, it wouldn't be proper."

    "Oh come on Carol, the man just wants a dance. You know
    you love dancing, why don't you let..."

    "Abdou," responded the dark stranger, "yes, why don't
    you let Abdou have just one dance?"

    Carol was flustered, why was her husband letting another
    man dance with her? She couldn't think of a reasonable
    objection and so she found herself saying ok to just one

    As she rose from the table Carol looked daggers at John.
    She couldn't believe it.

    There was no further time for thought as the big Arab
    pulled Carol to the dance floor. As John watched he
    realised that Abdou was a big man. He looked to be about
    40yrs old but at some 6ft 4 inches in height he looked
    very muscular and fit. John watched as they danced to a
    fairly quick number and then when the music ended he
    could see Carol turn to come back to the table. Abdou
    however caught her arm and pulled her back. He was not
    going to let her go after just one dance.

    Oh no. Abdou wanted to hold this fair skinned beauty
    tight to his big body and hopefully she would feel his
    big cock as it erected against her taught and toned
    tummy. Yes he thought to himself I'm going to enjoy the
    slow seduction of this one.

    Abdou had been in the club when they arrived and had
    looked on with increasing arousal and excitement as this
    blond long legged wife had danced with her wimp of a
    husband. He didn't care that they were married; on the
    contrary it made the chase and capture more exciting.
    After all he had done it many times before, but never
    with a woman as beautiful as this one.

    And so as he pulled Carol back to him he said "Please
    just one more, this is a slower number and we can relax
    a bit."

    Carol again had no answer to the reasonable request. She
    could feel her heart thumping and herself blushing like
    a school girl at the thought of dancing with this hulk
    of a man. "Alright, I'll dance one more."

    Abdou smiled at her and Carol felt herself being pulled
    in close to the big man. Try as she might to keep him at
    arm's length, the slow music made it a necessity to
    dance close. She sighed and gave up the struggle and let
    Abdou put his hand on her back and pulled her in close.

    Carol realized that she had no where to put her head
    other than against his chest and that's when she
    realized how tall he was. With her five inch heels on
    she knew she was pushing 6 feet, yet Abdou still seemed
    to tower over her. As they moved around the dance floor
    Carol could smell his musky odour and strangely she
    found herself becoming aroused by the smell. To her
    shame she could feel her nipples hardening and was sure
    Abdou would notice. Abdou did indeed notice.

    With her head against his chest he could smell her
    scented hair and this coupled with the intimate
    closeness of their bodies caused his cock to grow and
    thicken. He hoped this American wife would feel his
    passion building against her lithe body. Carol certainly
    noticed something pushing into her tummy but couldn't
    quite register what it was. "It can't be his penis," she
    thought, "It's much too big, surely?"

    From John's vantage point he had a ring side seat to the
    couple. It looked so sexual as they danced, the big
    tanned man holding his fair skinned wife close. He could
    see Abdou's big hand on her lower back and every so
    often it would dip down onto her sexy bum. John wondered
    whether the big Arab was getting aroused by dancing so
    intimately with his wife and if so what Carol would
    think if she felt the man's erection.

    Carol had exactly the same thoughts as she was guided
    round the dance floor expertly. As they danced she was
    constantly reminded of the huge bulge in Abdou's
    trousers. She just couldn't believe that it was this
    man's penis; no man could have something so big surely?
    Abdou made sure that he pulled this sexy woman close at
    every opportunity and he hoped he was stoking the fire
    that would allow him to bed this wife later that night.

    When there was a break in the music, Carol excused
    herself and went to the restroom. Abdou sauntered over
    to the table where John was sitting. "She's a good
    dancer isn't she?" said John.

    "Oh yes the best," agreed Abdou. He was trying to think
    of a way of progressing his slow seduction of this white
    woman and decided to be bold. "Look John, the band will
    be winding up soon, why don't you both come back to my
    apartment and I'll show you some Moroccan hospitality. I
    also have some special liquor that I know you'll love."

    John's mind was racing with the possibilities of the
    situation. Would this be the chance to see his wife
    seduced and taken by this big stud? Supposing Carol
    won't agree? Before he could engage his brain John
    found himself agreeing to Abdou's offer.

    "Wonderful, wonderful," beamed Abdou and he could
    feel his big cock twitch at the thought of bedding this beautiful wife.

    Just then Carol reappeared looking slightly less flushed
    than before. "What are you two talking about?" she said.

    Before John could say a word, Abdou said "Well my dear,
    your husband has kindly accepted by invitation of
    hospitality at my apartment."

    Carol didn't know what to say. She had thought John
    would whisk her off back to the hotel and give her the
    fucking she desperately needed. Rubbing up against
    Abdou's manhood for over an hour had taken its toll and
    she could feel how wet she was. In fact in the restroom
    she had needed to dab at her inflamed pussy with tissue
    paper in order to stop her juices soaking her skirt. Why
    do I always get so wet when I'm ovulating she wondered?

    "Well I suppose we could come and see where you live,"
    she said, "but we mustn't stay too late must we John?"

    "What? I err no, I suppose not," stammered John as Abdou
    rose and offered Carol his arm.

    And so five minutes later the three of them found
    themselves heading off to an apartment where the lives
    of John and Carol would be changed forever. As they
    walked along John held one of Carol's arms and Abdou the
    other. However after a while John consciously let go of
    his wife's arm and stepped behind Abdou.

    This was not lost on the big Arab and he put his big
    protective arm around John's wife as if to say to
    everyone she's mine. If Carol hadn't been so dazed by
    the evening's events, she might have noticed various
    other Arab men smiling at Abdou with knowing grins. They
    had recognized the situation immediately; a western
    couple with cuckold husband following on as a big
    powerful Arab man led the wife to his bed.

    Soon they reached Abdou's apartment and both John and
    Carol were pleasantly surprised at how spacious it was.
    "Let me get you some drinks," said Abdou as both John
    and Carol collapsed into a big recliner.

    Having sorted the drinks, Abdou put some music on and
    walking over to Carol he said, "Can we have another
    dance Carol, you're such a good dancer?"

    Before Carol could answer she felt her husband pushing
    her up. "Go on Carol, you know how much you enjoy it."

    John secretly wanted to see his wife in the arms of this
    Adonis again and who knows maybe more. Having no real
    reason to object, Carol agreed and as she accepted
    Abdou's hand she couldn't help but feel a shiver at the
    thought of being reacquainted with his penis, albeit
    covered by his trousers. She had a suspicion however
    that he wasn't wearing any under garments since his
    penis had seemed so clearly outlined back in the club.

    As he clasped her to himself Abdou could feel his big
    cock twitch once again. He moved one hand down to the
    small of her back, just to test the waters and meeting
    no resistance after another minute or so he moved his
    hand onto her sexy bottom. He could feel through the
    thin dress that Carol wasn't wearing pants, or perhaps
    only very skimpy ones and he couldn't wait to see her

    Carol felt lost in a different world as she circled
    round with this big man. Not only she could feel his
    penis growing hard against her once more, but she felt
    his big hand on her bottom pulling her onto his
    hardness. When she looked at her husband she noticed
    that he was just rubbing his own penis through his
    trousers. "My goodness," she thought, "he's getting
    turned on watching us. Supposing I flirt a bit more and
    show him what he's missing?"

    With that Carol deliberately started to open her legs
    and let Abdou's muscular leg rub against her inflamed

    This change in Carol's demeanor was not lost on Abdou.
    He let his hands roam all over the back of this sexy
    white wife and he leaned down to kiss and nibble her
    neck and ears. He heard Carol sigh and knew that he was
    close to capturing this sexy wife. "Carol, let's give
    John a show to remember shall we?"

    Carol was brought back from her dreamlike state by
    Abdou's question. "What do you mean?" she asked.

    Almost in a whisper Abdou said, "Just this."

    He had already found the zipper that ran down the back
    of Carol's dress and he had it in his hands as he spoke
    to her. He slowly started to pull the zipper down and it
    was half way down her back before Carol realized what
    was happening. "Wait Abdou, we can't do this I'm

    "So what of it, John wants me to undress you, don't you

    John had no hesitation in replying in the affirmative.
    This is what he had wanted for so long.

    Caught in the confusion and surprise of hearing her
    husband say that he wanted to see another man, a
    stranger at that, undress her, Carol just stood while
    Abdou pulled the zipper right down and then eased the
    dress off her shoulders. Suddenly she realized that she
    was standing in only her stockings and garter belt,
    thong panties and her high heels.

    As she looked up at Abdou she saw something that she
    hadn't seen in a man for years and that was undisguised
    lust. This man was lusting after her, this married
    women! She should have felt ashamed at her feelings but
    she didn't.

    Having got half naked, she realised that she
    was enjoying the attention of this muscular Arab man. In
    fact she decided to walk around in front of him as if to
    say 'look at what my husband has and you haven't'.

    This might have been a foolish act, but it merely served
    to confirm what both men knew. For Abdou it confirmed
    that Carol was absolutely gorgeous, the sexiest western
    women he had ever seen and that she needed to be loved
    sexually. For John as he fingered his painfully erect
    cock, he knew that he was close to realizing his fantasy.

    Abdou pulled Carol to him, lifted her face to his and he
    kissed her. Carol would always remember that first kiss
    since it was both passionate but more significantly the
    precursor to her crossing a line that could not be re-
    crossed, and to setting in motion events that would last
    her and her husband a lifetime. She accepted his big
    tongue into her mouth and her tongue fenced with his.
    She could feel his big hands roaming all over body now
    and she could also feel her over ripe vagina juicing up
    Suddenly Abdou broke the kiss and taking Carol's hand
    said, "Come we'll be more comfy in here."

    So saying, he led Carol into the adjoining bedroom in which
    there was an enormous bed surrounded by mirrors and also
    as Carol noticed a mirror above the bed on the ceiling. The
    significance of this she would remember later.

    In her trance like state it seemed quite natural that
    Abdou should start to remove his clothing. Both Carol
    and John watched as the big man removed his shirt to
    reveal a hugely muscled chest and then he dropped his
    trousers and just as Carol had suspected he wore no
    underwear. His big cock reared up in all is magnificence
    and Abdou was gratified to hear both husband and wife
    express surprise at his size.

    Abdou walked over to the bed where Carol was sitting and
    stood in front of her, his big cock semi erect. Carol's
    head was at the same level as the big man's groin and
    she was amazed at the whole size and muscularity of this
    man. Her trance like state was broken by Abdou who said
    softly "Take my cock into your mouth."

    Carol was aghast, "I can't! It's dirty and I've never
    done that before."

    Abdou laughed to himself. This wife was indeed naive and
    yet he was gratified that he would be the first man to
    have his cock sucked by her. Lifting her face so that
    she could look into his eyes, Abdou said, "Do it, you
    know you want to taste it and I want it now."

    There was forcefulness behind his words that seemed to
    command Carol to do this act that had always seemed so
    abhorrent to her. And so she found herself reaching out
    and taking Abdou's cock in her hand and stroking it.

    Carol watched in fascination as her actions caused the
    cock to grow. Within a few strokes Abdou's cock grew
    close to full erection at around 10 inches.

    If Carol had been taken aback by this Arabs size
    earlier, now she was astounded. She only had her
    husband's penis to compare this to and she knew that his
    was only five inches. This magnificent specimen was
    double that and much thicker. From his vantage point
    John was also amazed that a man could have a cock so
    big. John also felt a wave of excitement when he realised
    that his wife would be taking something that big into her
    pretty mouth.

    Abdou loved the silky feel of this pretty wife's finger
    wrapped around his throbbing cock. As he watched her
    face he could see the conflict in this innocent women
    and was looking forward to the final conquest. Suddenly
    he felt Carol's tongue swirling around the underside of
    his shaft and he couldn't help but let out a groan of

    As for Carol she was warming to her task and found that
    licking a penis was not that bad after all. She loved
    the way it throbbed in her hand and she realised that
    she had the power to make this big man feel good. As she
    allowed more of his penis onto her mouth she decided she
    would do her best to make him enjoy it and hopefully
    bring him off so that she and her husband could go home
    for some passionate love making. If only she knew how
    wrong she was!

    Abdou was really enjoying this western wife sucking his
    cock, he knew it was her cunt
    that he had to possess in order to fully cuckold this
    husband. And so with much sadness after some five
    minutes of Carol doing her best to please him, Abdou
    pulled away from her.

    Carol looked disappointed. "Didn't I please you?" she

    "Yes, yes," sighed Abdou, "but I don't want to come in
    your pretty mouth." So saying, he helped Carol on to the
    center of the bed and pushed her onto her back. "Now I
    am going to return the favor and make you feel good."

    Carol was puzzled at what Abdou had in mind, but when
    she saw his big head dive down between her legs and his
    tongue come into contact with her vagina, she knew what
    he had in mind. "No, not there, it's so dirty, I... oh,
    oh Abdou I..." Her sentence was unfinished as she felt
    electric shocks running through her loins as this man
    licked and probed and sucked.

    Abdou loved the smell and taste of this wife. Like all
    western women he loved how fresh they smelt and how
    neatly her bush was trimmed, not like the local women at
    all. He was going to make this naive wife beg for his
    cock and show her sissy husband how a woman should be

    John looked on with a mixture of excitement but some
    jealousy as well. Carol had never let him lick her down
    there, but there again he had never been that forceful
    with her. He now realized that he should have been more
    dominant with her. John realized that his own cock was
    straining for release and so he dropped his pants and
    underwear and took his throbbing cock in hand and
    started to toss himself off at the sight in front of

    Carol was fast approaching her first orgasm and she knew
    it was going to be a big one. The pleasure just kept on
    growing and building and growing until with a massive
    shriek and gripping the sheets in her hands she arched
    her whole body as her orgasm broke. She felt as if
    someone had connected her to an electric supply. Her
    whole body was tingling with pleasure radiating out from
    her core; her vagina seemed to be acting as the dynamo
    for her pleasure.

    Abdou was gratified that he brought this wife off is
    such a spectacular manner. He was certain she would
    never have had such a big or intense orgasm before. He
    kept on sucking and licking as Carol shook and writhed
    and he was genuinely surprised at how hard she had come
    off. He could feel her body pulsing into his face.

    It took a few minutes for Carol to come down from the
    massive high that she had just experienced. As she came
    back to reality she felt the big man moving up over her
    body until he was lying on top of her and his big brown
    eyes were looking into hers. Without hesitation Carol
    lifted her face to his and kissed him. "Thank you Abdou,
    that was amazing, I have never felt like that before."

    "It was my pleasure," said Abdou, "but the best is still
    to come."

    "What do you mean," Carol asked, thinking that now would
    be a good time to leave.

    "I'm going to make love to you and make you feel like a
    real woman," said Abdou.

    "Oh no, I can't make love to you, I'm married and I
    can't break my marriage vows."

    "But your husband wants to see me make love to you and
    admit it, you're dying to feel what a cock like mine
    would feel like aren't you?"

    "No, I-I... I'm not I... John is he right? Do you want
    him to make love to me? I'm your wife, it would be

    Both Carol and Abdou turned towards John and what a
    picture he was, sitting in a chair with pants around his
    ankles and small cock in hand. John was caught up in the
    sheer spectacle and overcome by lust. He knew he had to
    see Abdou make love to his wife, here was his chance to
    fulfill his fantasy and watch his wife being taken by a
    big cocked stranger. "Yes I want Abdou to please you. He
    deserves to make love to you after pleasuring you like
    he has."

    Abdou smiled, he knew this husband was under his spell
    and would not stop him from taking his wife. "See, he
    wants it and you want it."

    As he spoke Abdou was rubbing
    his bloated cock head across Carol's sopping cunt and
    made sure that he kept dragging his cock across her
    inflamed clitoris.

    "Put me in," said Abdou.

    Carol's mind was in turmoil, she couldn't believe that
    her husband wanted another man to make love to her, and
    yet he had said it front of them both. "Ok," she
    whispered, "put a condom on and make love to me."

    "I'm sorry," said Abdou, "but I won't be using a condom,
    I never use them and besides they don't fit me anyway."

    Carol's eyes widened, "No, no way, you've got to use a
    condom, I'm not on the pill and totally unprotected. I
    can't risk getting pregnant by you, especially as I'm
    fertile right now."

    John had been avoiding the question of contraception. And
    so he found himself saying "It's alright Carol, let Abdou take
    you, he will be careful and pull out before he
    comes. Besides, his cock will feel much better without
    anything wrapped round it."

    Carol couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her husband
    wanted her to make love with another man and to cap it
    all to take her without any protection. Was he mad? She
    had never had a bare cock inside her, since she and John
    always used condoms. However she had to admit she was
    curious as to what Abdou's cock would feel like skin to
    skin and so she found herself telling him, "Abdou, you
    can make love to me without a condom, but promise me you
    will be very careful and pull out before you come. Will
    you promise me that?"

    Looking into her trusting eyes, Abdou said, "I will do
    my best to be careful; we will both listen to what our
    bodies need and want."

    Carol didn't quite understand what that meant but she
    believed he was going to be a gentleman and pull out
    before he came.

    "Now put me into you," Abdou said with a tone that
    suggested that Carol should comply. "And you husband,
    come over here and watch as your wife takes my big

    And so it was that Carol found herself gripping Abdou's
    big cock with her left hand and John watched in awe as
    his lovely wife held the Arab's shaft. It seemed
    especially erotic as Carol's wedding bands caught the
    light as she rubbed this stranger's cock up and down her
    slit and then eased the giant head into the split of her

    As Abdou pushed a couple of inches in to Carol he heard
    her intake of breath. As for Carol she felt as if
    something was trying to split her vagina in two. Abdou
    kept up the firm and insistent pressure and suddenly he
    had six inches pushed into the squealing wife.

    "I bet I'm deeper than your husband now aren't I Carol?"
    said Abdou.

    "Oh yes you are, is there much more to go?" moaned

    "Yes, but you can take it, just relax." And so Abdou
    began a gentle rocking motion that saw him gradually
    work more and more of his big cock into the welcoming
    channel of this wife.

    As John looked on he could see that Carol was gradually
    opening up for Abdou and after a few minutes the big
    Arab had managed to stuff all of his cock into his wife.
    He could see Abdou's big balls pushing up against
    Carol's bum and he became aware of his wife whimpering
    and making little 'uh uh' noises each time the big shaft
    was pushed fully home.

    Abdou was in heaven, he had never felt such a tight
    gripping, quivering pussy before and the feelings
    encircling his cock were fantastic. His initial thoughts
    that this wife would be a great fuck were being realised
    as he ploughed his big cock into the whimpering wife.
    Carol was also sharing the wonderful sensations being
    generated by Abdou's cock.

    She couldn't believe that she had taken this man's
    entire massive penis into her vagina, but when she had
    felt his big balls slapping her pert bum, she knew that
    she had taken him all. Yes there had been some
    discomfort especially when his cock head had pushed into
    her cervix, but after a while she felt that he had
    pushed that barrier open and now the pain had been
    replaced by a feeling of being totally full, totally
    stuffed to her core. Any misgivings about letting
    another man make love to her had vanished and she now
    realised what she had been missing, with a small cocked
    man as a husband.

    Deciding to abandon herself to the fuck, Carol looked up
    and for the first time noticed the mirrors on the
    ceiling. She was mesmerized by the reflection of Abdou
    covering this fair skinned white woman, whose long
    stocking clad legs were draped across the man's calves.
    Could this really be me, Carol wondered. As she gazed at
    the reflection she noticed the body of the woman jerking
    in time to the thrusts of the big Arab. She marveled at
    the muscular form of the man and in particular the large
    thrusting bum that was driving an enormous cock in and
    out of her body.

    John was getting more and more worked up as he watched
    his wife being taken by the big Arab. As he stroked his
    cock he hoped that he would not come before Abdou pulled
    out and sprayed his come across his wife.
    The contrast in the two skin colors was fantastic and to
    see his wife's hand around the back of the Arab, wedding
    bands twinkling as she held close this man who was so
    expertly ploughing her willing furrow. Although he was
    excited beyond belief, there was a nagging doubt at the
    back of his mind about pregnancy.

    Although Abdou had promised he would pull out before he
    came, could he be trusted? After all, the feeling of
    fucking another man's wife's unprotected and fertile
    womb must be tremendous and wouldn't he want to finish
    the fuck by spewing his virile seed inside her?

    These thoughts were interrupted by the moans from his
    wife, who had become more vociferous over the past few
    minutes. John realised she was going to come again.
    Abdou knew as well, he could feel Carol's grip
    tightening on him and when she moved her legs up around
    his waist and grabbed his neck he could feel her orgasm
    begin. "Ohhh yes, oh my god, ahh I'm coming, yes, yes

    Carol thought she would faint as her orgasm engulfed
    her. The pleasure was indescribable; every part of her
    body seemed to come alive as she thrashed around on the
    huge fuck stick that was pounding her convulsing cunt.

    Abdou rode through her orgasm, determined not to let the
    pace of his fucking lessen. As the white wife lessened
    her grip on his neck, he was gratified to feel her long
    sexy legs clasped around his thrusting buttocks. What a
    sight it must be for her pathetic husband. Well it
    wouldn't be long now; soon it would be time for them to
    receive his Moroccan gift, as he emptied the contents of
    his big balls into the helpless wife. He prayed to God
    she was ovulating today so that he could seed her in
    front of her husband.

    Gradually as Carol came down from the high of her orgasm
    she realised that Abdou was becoming more urgent in his
    love making. She guessed that he had to be getting close
    to orgasm himself, after all he'd been fucking her for
    ages. "Abdou!" she gasped between thrusts, "don't forget
    to pull out will you?"

    There was no reply from Abdou other than a grunt.

    "Abdou are you listening? Please be careful, don't come
    inside me or I will get pregnant."

    Abdou lifted himself up on his arms and stared down into
    the eyes of Carol. "I'm sorry Carol, but I've got to
    come inside you and fill you with my Arab seed, it's my
    duty to send you home a real woman, one who has been
    fucked and seeded by a big cock."

    John was roused to say something, "No Abdou, you
    promised, please don't make her pregnant with your baby,
    everyone will know. Pull out and come on her breasts."

    "Yes, yes," said Carol, "please do that, don't come in
    me please I'm begging you."

    Abdou just smiled. "Sorry, I'm going to fuck a baby into
    you. I'm going to show your husband how a woman should
    be impregnated and I'll send you home with an Arab baby
    to swell you womb. Now hold on and prepare for your
    Moroccan gift."

    So saying Abdou set to on the last part of his journey
    in the cuckolding of this western couple. He could feel
    his Muslim seed churning in his big balls and he knew he
    had plenty to inseminate the womb of this women. As he
    brought his fucking to a climax he noticed that Carol
    was once again tightening her grip on him. He could feel
    her cross her ankles over his bum and once again her
    hands were pulling his head down toward her.

    As he dipped his head lower he felt Carol pull his ear
    close to her mouth and he heard her whisper the words,
    "Seed me Abdou, make me pregnant, I want my belly to
    swell with your Arab baby."

    Abdou was amazed at her sudden change but not totally
    surprised. He had seen it before, when white women
    succumbed to lust and yearned for his spunk in their
    fertile wombs. Well he wouldn't disappoint this beauty,
    if she wanted a baby; he would certainly give her one.

    John was frantically masturbating and scarcely able to
    breathe thinking about what was about to happen. He knew
    he couldn't stop Abdou putting his Arab seed into his
    wife, but part of him knew he had to witness this
    ultimate betrayal of their marriage vows. With a sudden
    groan he came, his thin watery sperm splashing uselessly
    across his legs.

    Just at that moment, Abdou felt his spunk beginning to
    rise. "Oh Carol, I'm going to come and fill you with my
    seed, here comes my baby you western slut."

    Carol could feel Abdou's cock swell inside her and knew
    he was about to come. "Yes my love, give it to me, breed
    me, make me yours and swell my belly with your baby."

    Abdou groaned, "Arghhh..oh yes here it is..." and with
    that he roared like a bull and started to fire his
    virile seed into the fertile womb of this lovely wife.
    Again and again he pumped as wave after wave of his
    sperm was pushed into the helpless wife.

    John watched on with a mixture of fascination and horror
    as he saw the big man's bum muscles clench time and time
    again, knowing full well that this was signalling
    volleys of spunk being fired into the unprotected womb
    of his wife.

    The climax seemed to go forever, which was not perhaps
    surprising since Abdou hadn't come for nearly two weeks.
    Carol was getting the benefit of his swollen balls.
    Eventually however the thrusting stopped and the pair of
    them lay recovering from the fantastic mating.

    Abdou made sure that he kept his big cock plugged inside
    of Carol to ensure that his sperm did its job. Not that
    he needed to bother since his big cock had fired his
    seed directly into her uterus and as they lay his seed
    was seeking out the helpless wife's egg.

    Carol lay softly stroking Abdou's back and she
    continually kissed the man who has just made her a
    mother. Oh yes, she was in no doubt that the combination
    of large cock, big balls and her state of fertility
    would combine to make her pregnant. She didn't want to
    let Abdou go, but eventually the big man pulled out of
    her and stood looking down at his conquest.

    John just sat spellbound looking at the flushed body of
    his freshly fucked wife and his gaze was drawn to her
    sex which was plastered with their combined love juices.

    After Abdou had cleaned himself up he said to Carol, "If
    you want some more come back tomorrow and I will make
    love to you again."

    Carol looked at him through lust filled eyes and said,
    "I might just do that, after all, we want to make sure
    that I'm pregnant don't we!"

    John didn't know what to say, but sat in silence as his
    wife dressed and they hardly spoke a work all the way
    back to the hotel.

    When John got into bed with Carol he thought that he
    should make love to his wife to give his sperm a chance
    to impregnate her. However he was rebuffed by Carol who
    told him she had to know who the father of a baby would
    be and so that until her next period came she would only
    fuck Abdou. John didn't know what to say, but knew that
    at least temporarily he had lost his wife to the Arab.

    And so it was that for the next five days Carol visited
    Abdou's apartment, where she was thoroughly fucked and
    seeded numerous times. On the day they were due to go
    home, she got Abdou to fuck her four times and she
    boarded the plane home with his seed dripping out of her
    cunt and soaking her pants.

    Once back home they waited for Carol's period to come
    but of course it never did. After two months Carol took
    a home pregnancy test and went slightly pale when she
    realised that she was indeed pregnant with an Arab baby.

    Despite arguments with John, there was however no chance
    of her getting rid of the baby and she told John she
    would carry it to full term. What she would tell her
    parents she had no idea, but she knew one thing and that
    was every time she looked at her swelling belly she
    would remember the fantastic fucking that her given her
    their first baby.