A gentle way to get into this lifestyle

Hello everyone,

being a 32 year old bull from Germany, it appears to me that a lot of couples dream about cuckolding, but are still afraid to let their dreams come true, I would like to tell you what I am practising with some couples for a number of months now. Most of them I got to know during chat sessions, and for most of them, the situation was the same: yes, they dreamed about cuckolding, but they were afraid to let their dreams become reality or they didn't know how. Consequently, they looked for some way to get a gentle start that would not feel like a jump into boiling water, so they could dive in slowly step by step and check whether this kind of lifestyle was really the thrill they thought it would be. What started then was something I would call "Virtual Cuckolding" (I don't care to much about definitions, so do not damn me for this) and it works like this: Either the husband or the wife sends me two E-Mail addresses: The first one is for the wife to correspond with me. The second one is for the husband. The concept is that from that point on, active interaction does only take place between the wife and me. The husband's address is exclusively used to forward all the mails, pictures, videos, etc. that the wife sends to me and that I send to the wife. Consequently, although the husband does receive the complete correspondence I am having with his wife, he does not take part actively.

Based on these simple rules, we started to play games getting kinkier step by step, as for instance:

1) Exchange E-Mails talking about intimate details of her relationship, sexual fantasies and desires. Mostly these mails do also include explicit photos taken by the wife when she is home alone. One can imagine what thrill it is for the husband to be at work, checking his E-Mail and reading these mails, watching the photos his wife has taken at this very moment for a complete stranger.

2) Webcam sessions of the wife and me chatting and probably masturbating together. Although the chat log and cam shots will be sent to the husband by E-Mail anyway, it is a special kick to inform the husband of the session taking place when he's not at home. He may then watch both cams and see and listen to what we are doing without having the possibility to interfere.

3) I tell her about the photos I want to see from her and that I want her husband to take them without even touching her. She will then send them to me and again I will forward them to her hubby.

4) She buys some naughty clothes and toys that her husband doesn't know about. Afterwards we have a cam session that her husband has to watch while he is not present to see her wearing these clothes and using these toys just for me. He will never see her this way when he is present.

5) She milks her husband (prostate massage without giving him the opportunity to have an orgasm) just before he leaves for work and collects his semen for a cam session starting right after that. She will then put the semen where it belongs. This can be an tremendous thrill if she has abandoned birth control and would like to get pregnant, because her husband has no idea how she got impregnated.

6) I ask her to take her video camera, dress up and go to a motel to ask a stranger to film her. It's up to her to decide what will happen there. This is the point where the thing becomes reality, so it's quite delicate. The point is that I am the one asking for this, not her husband. Consequently, her husband does not have to ask for this himself risking any conflicts in his relationship.

There's plenty of more games one can play this way and I'll leave it to your imagination to think of other ones (well, of course you can also ask for more). In any case, I think, this is quite a smooth way to check if cuckoldry (or whatever you would like to call it) is for you. Nevertheless you should be careful concerning the following aspects:

- Carefully choose your virtual bull!! There are enough idiots out there to fill continents with, so watch out unless you want your photos to be spreading all over the internet. Remember that there are enough possibilities, so that few people but your husband will recognize it's you on the photos.

- Check E-Mail addresses before sending explicit material: For each E- Mail address check whether the owner is really the one you have talked to.

- Finally and most important: Have fun, do whatever you like and don't do things you don't like. The most important thing is to RESPECT each other's preferences.

Regards and feel free to contact me, if you like.