41-y.o. (BULL) currently rziding in Brooklyn, NY. (Bed-Stuy) area.

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    I am kinda new to the Big Apple. I've been here only 4.5yrz now. I waz in a relationship but now single and get horny az hell xumtimez. I've dated a white chick in the past. They are a lot of funn & rather adventerous, I come to find. I do like all race(z) and/or nationalitiez. I try not to discriminate. However, I have to admitt that I am a little partial to older women, (single or not + married or not). I am rather well-endowed for thoze that have curious mindz. I guess one could safely say that I am xumwhere in that 10-10.5in. range.

    I am just getting to know BLACK-to-White.net so, I will make this post and try uploading xumm pix az well. I hope that you ALL enjoy. Ttyl.

    4321450604_141900c71d_m.jpeg View attachment 39534 4321450604_141900c71d_m.jpeg View attachment 39534

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    I would love to watch my wife try your bbc for her first.
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    mamma mia !!!!
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    This is what you need, isnĀ“t it ? :)