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27 new to site

Hey I'm Otis, I'm a 6'7 (all torso not even a 30 inch inseam) 27 year old virgin, bi curious and looking for a couple to chat with and maybe trade pics with. I'm not so much shy as I am just clueless about how to approach and talk to people in real life, hence why I'm single. I try to talk to women in public and I have no clue what to say beyond hi and never know if they are interested in me or not.

I have been doing anal play for years at irregular intervals, its the only different thing I've ever felt beyond just my hand. I've never had a bj, handjob, woman grinding on me or anything. I have back issues as well so I can't thrust toys in and out of myself so feeling someone actually fuck me would be interesting and I am very curious about what it'd feel like to feel cum shooting inside me. Beyond that, I'm really not interested in men at all.

I find certain black women hot but not that many, tho I do think that black women with fake breasts typically look better than white women with them do and there's definitely something hot about seeing a white dick in a black pussy, I'd also like to experience what all the BBC hype is about someday.. maybe. I know when I watch Shane Diesel's movies I dream about what it'd be like to be between him and whatever hot slut he was fucking at the time.