20's Something Wife For A BIG-DICKED FB!!!

Can't stop thinking about the one time I was fucked by a sexy Black guy in college.
What I remember most was how big and thick his dick was--and how I came.. and came!
My husband is a very average 6.5, which is ok, but doesn't get me off like HE did.

I've finally decided what I want is what I want--Looking for a THICK dicked (7.5"+) Black stud in Portland, Oregon.
A FB would be ideal--even better if you're Bi or Bi-Friendly, as my husband may cuck, or at least join in.

I'm a clean educated professionl, and prefer the same... but beggars can't be choosers, right? And you know what I really want and need.

I am 5'7", Size 8, with Natural DDD and a THICK ass--NOT fat, THICK. I know you'll like it. I enjoy a drink, legal toke, and just about anything safe and fun.

IF you are SERIOUS, hit me up--Once I find a go-to guy, I'll probably call it good.
Now the begging--PLEASE you HOT Portland BBC's... hit me up! I promise we'll both have a great time!
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Hi there my lady. I am in Portland, Oregon, USA. Would love to know how you've been, and are you actively having fun with nice bbc? :)

Pls do read my profile, and if you like, send me a reply. :)

thanks, cheers, hugs and kisses!