1. D

    % of sexually unsatisfied wives?

    What’s everyone think the % is of white wives who haven’t had BBC yet that are sexually unsatisfied by their white husbands?
  2. D

    BBC Reality Check

    Any other husbands first experience the BBC reality check from their attractive wives cheating? If so, how did you find out?
  3. 4 white wives

    4 white wives

    ...for your holes.
  4. J


    Let's show what the Midlands is about. Anyone from the midland looking for a bull post your area and let's cuck these sissy husbands !!!
  5. CuckyBoyCasey88

    creating & get motion events for distinctly made for those in the interracial cuckold life in PA!

    This is where all my online buds in.... I have skills in event and professional management organizing and promotion of such. I created a draft project that desire to have accomplished by 4-2019 or 5-2019. I want those who can through social media and online connection have managed to form...
  6. CuckyBoyCasey88

    Unique Story and Asking My online BBC Crazed friends for Significant input!

    writing a rough draft of a novel I might consider. I have the characters almost wholly created and general plot online but I wanted to explore the interracial cuckold relationship happening organic public with the possibly of marriage and what the kind of future might look like but i am missing...
  7. CuckyBoyCasey88

    For Question for the White Wives and Women who love BBC

    What is is your favorite things about the Cuckold Black Cock Lifestyle or the experience of enjoying BBC in a cuckold relationship. They are multiple choice so clearly it's not your absolute suited and detailed favorite but after seeing the votes for the multiple choice answers as favorites and...
  8. Jdoem227

    Looking for fun near long beach?

    Looking for some hot wives this weekend
  9. NMcuckABQ

    Wanna be cucks have your wives/GFs faked

    Post pics of wives and GFs and see what she looks like getting blacked
  10. AlotaAnaconda

    Bull living in Portland, OR

    I'm originally from NC but retired in Washington State and now living in Portland. I look forward to chatting and sharing content with all who decide to cross my path. Feel free to contact me if your close, in the same state or visiting from another state. I have a group I call the Bull Pen and...
  11. Chrisbbcusa

    Metro Detroit BBC

    I'm a muscular and attractive bbc in the metro Detroit area. I'm looking for any white women, wives, girlfriends, etc, that want to be satisfied. Get in touch.
  12. S

    My Updated Stories & Dates with White (Girls / MILFS / Wives / or Singles)

    Gonna miss this place @Barcelona with my Friend Franka (Single)
  13. Amateur girls fucked by BBC

    Amateur girls fucked by BBC

    Amateur girls fucked by BBC
  14. CuckyBoyCasey88

    A society or religion for Big black cock cuckolding

    I've been writing down my own theories and ideas Some of the thoughts I have been pondering over... a community or society of white wives, couples, chicks, BBC bulls who have their own distinct features of their culture and customs, A community that holds that BBC Worship and Big Black...
  15. S

    True Tales about Wives and Lovers

    I've been following BtoW for a few months now and I enjoy the stories the best because more of them are true or based on some element of truth (more than the photo threads, anyway). I thought I would share some of my personal experiences regarding B&W sex. Some background - first of all...
  16. CuckyBoyCasey88

    Is it really faith vs BBC cuckolding?

    To all the Christians and devout believers in other Faiths do you see a conflict between the morality and ethics of your faith opposed to your interest the "lifestyle" Or for example a couple who hold to strong religious convictions who feels that they are sinning or doing something wrong by...
  17. CuckyBoyCasey88

    Sorry for the repetitve question but...

    What got you started at the basic level Have you always love sex with black and that is something that both knew or enjoyed for the start? Or did your husband's first have the interest in the lifestyle introduce you to it and was then or later became interested and finding pleasure things when...
  18. CuckyBoyCasey88

    seeking Partners and those interested in throwing interracial cuckold parties/events!

    I am seeking to find realiable and authentic partners or people interested in helping or contributing in some way I am planning on hopefully every month or every other month if things fall into place to start having parties/events where people in the interracial Cuckold lifestyle can meet and...
  19. Naughty Nicole

    White women go deep for BBC with those dildos

    Ladies show hubbys how much those BBC mean to ya by taking those black dildos
  20. M

    UK Bull

    Hi single lady's, sluts and wives, West London bull here ready to meet you all 1 on 1 or threesoms bbw most welcome ! Drop me a private message if your interest. Taste this chocolate ! MR-8-BBC