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  1. Coaching Cuck Hubby as Wife Gets BBC

    Coaching Cuck Hubby as Wife Gets BBC

    I’m cool with this hubby but he’s not the most affectionate guy. The wife needed some emotional support as I was ravaging her pussy and I had to give him advice on how to support his wife. I’m doing my job, Bulls need the Cucks to do their jobs.
  2. Nut Snatching Blonde Pawg Milf  BBC

    Nut Snatching Blonde Pawg Milf BBC

    Juicy hot milf pawg Cougar Empties Younger BBC balls Nut Snatching. British Hot Milf Loves BBC. She is a real Nut Snatching PawG
  3. MrKillah718

    Louisville BBC For Hot wives

    Louisville BBC looking to explore any single or married hot wives that wish to sample a BBC
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    Pretty good IPA
  5. IMG_2820.MOV


    Hung in ohio
  6. Vicky&Jay4BBC

    Nice Sluts Enjoying That BBC

    Theres nothing nicer than watching sexy wives & girlfriends do what they should and take those beautiful BBC's, it looks amazing and they love those fat dicks right in them😁👌
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    Had to clean up after a mess this morning lol....had to get that out before work.
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    Bored in the office.......not getting much eye contact today😂😂😂😂
  9. N

    Can wife truly love and respect her cuck husband?

    Questions for all wives here. Did you lose some level of respect for your husbands after you started having sex with bulls? Is anything really changed in your love relationships except the sex part? Please give an honest response and your genuine emotion towards the cuck :)
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    New toy right out the box....just checking it out 3/3
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    New toy right out the box....just checking it out 2/3
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    New toy right out the box....just checking it out 1/3
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    Sweet Tea...
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    Have a ******* with me ladies......
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    Ladies make sure you add the right amount of bleach to your whites!
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    When you decide to take a pic befire putting all of the groceries away.
  17. 20210513_084858.jpg


    Raid on sale at family dollar
  18. J

    Why do black guys seem so good at sex?

    I realized that in most videos between black guys and white women, they seem to be enjoying sex more than they would with a white man. I saw a video where there was a bull that had sex with a white wife for almost 1 hour without looking exhausted. I know that skin color does not determine...
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    After the gym...working
  20. Simple But Complex

    Vegas for a few days

    In town for a few days, staying at the Luxor and looking to have some fun