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  1. volsanasd

    Wife's First Threesome

    Wife's first threesome My wife and I once had such a moment in marriage when we decided to experiment in sex. To get a new experience, we bought different toys. At first, that was enough for us. Then I tried to talk my wife into a threesome story. We have never had such a hot experience. When I...
  2. E

    My Wife's First BBC

    My wife Julia is a very sexy and hot woman. We have a big age gap of 12 years. If at the beginning of the relationship this did not affect our sex, now I have become less hardy, and she at 45 is still active and does not get enough pleasure. Gradually the story of our marriage came to cuckold...
  3. 35couple

    Young Wife's First Glory Hole

    My wife Lizzy is 23 years old, she is an amazing sexy babe. We have never had any problems in sex. We are used to doing whatever we want, and the wife loves to do all sorts of dirty things. We got married because we match in our real hot stories and desires. I love when the wife takes my cock...
  4. daisy_07

    Wife’s first bbc! UpstateNY

    Married couple in NEED of wife’s(27) first BBC. It’s always been hubbys(30) fantasy to see me with a big black cock and who am I to deny him of that 😉
  5. I

    Eugene, OR couple wife's first bbc

    Looking to find a BBC for wife's first time. The wife is a tad shy, but we've been talking about it for awhile. So want to try out a threesome and see how things go. Wife prefers cut, over uncut. Age isn't too big of a thing, but wife is attracted to older men, so 40+ is a bonus. Feel free to...
  6. Husband Films his Wife with her first Black Cock

    Husband Films his Wife with her first Black Cock

    Husband Films his Wife with her first Black Cock
  7. First BBC 13

    First BBC 13

  8. First BBC 12

    First BBC 12

  9. First BBC 11

    First BBC 11

  10. The Holidaze

    Akron, Ohio Couple With Horny Hotwife

    We are couple a couple In Akron Ohio. My wife has been real horny this past week and now wants me to watch her get stretched by a big 9+ thick that's a heavy cummer. BBC is a big fantasy of her too. We prefer you to host. I would like to see her with a couple BBC's at one time too. Hubby has a...
  11. First BBC 4

    First BBC 4

  12. D

    My Wife Hooks Up With My Friend For Revenge

    wife thought I was fooling around. So out of spite she hooked up with my black friend. Thing is we both set this hole deal up. Lol I thought she would give him a hand job or blow job but not everything. He says he’s never had a better bj and I agree these are some shots from the cell vid he...
  13. milf4bbcstretch


    I'm an ordinary woman, who desires nothing more than an ordinary wish, to be loved exactly as I wish until I am completely satisfied. I have had my share of “Wham, Bam, thank you, Ma’am”. Or moments where my mouth said “It’s OK honey, I love you”, but my mind would scream “Take that weenie out...
  14. HER FIRST BLACK my wife squirts as dirty talk black cums his seed in her

    HER FIRST BLACK my wife squirts as dirty talk black cums his seed in her

    My wife taking her first ever black cock. After lots of roleplay fantasy it was finally happening. His dirty talk and huge black meat get my wife moaning, beggng, flooding juices. Taking orders. She wails as he says 'If I was you Id want a black cum right in that pussy!' She moans and he cums...
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  19. M

    Told wife I want to watch her with BBC. Now what?

    So I have had thoughts for a very long time about sharing my wife with a black man. It is by far the most incredible turn I've ever come across. My heart pounds and my dick throbs when I think about it. A bit of background first. My wife is early 30's and very sexy. A curvy brunette with...
  20. Michael mad

    Would love to hear from experienced couples.

    Hey I would love to hear from some experienced couples about what to expect. My girlfriend and I are doing this for the first time and we're both excited and nervous. Would love to hear from both the male and female prospective about their first experience with a black bull. And then how the...