white slaves

  1. Who want to own that booty...? .jpg

    Who want to own that booty...? .jpg

    I realy wanna know...
  2. Bacchanalia

    Service Academy

    A Caucasian woman's life is a Faustian Bargain. While whiteness grants you privilege and therefore power over the marginalized, you remain subjugated under the patriarchy. The glass ceiling will never be shattered. That is a proverbial carrot on a stick, a phantasm that you chase but will never...
  3. Frank Smith

    The I-10 Side Trip

    We had been driving for hours along a very isolated stretch of Interstate 10 and it was getting towards 1am. We had past Biloxi heading west and back into nothingness. My wife and I were on a cross country trip from our home in Florida to Los Angeles to spend 2 week there. I have asked Helen...
  4. Jimsopen

    Pictures / videos of....

    white men and/or women groveling at or kissing the black masters feet ?