The I-10 Side Trip

We had been driving for hours along a very isolated stretch of Interstate 10 and it was getting towards 1am. We had past Biloxi heading west and back into nothingness. My wife and I were on a cross country trip from our home in Florida to Los Angeles to spend 2 week there. I have asked Helen to stop in Biloxi so we could find a place to stay for the night but she wanted to drive on. Once we both realized that we were heading to no where’s land Hellen stated she would get off at the next exit so we could find a motel. We exited at Country Farm Rd and headed south were we saw some lights. We pulled up at an old dilapidated Shell Gas station. Helen pulled up to the pump and we got out of the car stretching our legs. Now, we had left right after Helen got out of work so a she was dressed very nicely in a light blue business suit with a shorter then normal skirt. Helen who is 40 always shortened her skirts to show off her wonderful legs and always wore 4” heels. She had on a black silky blouse which was cut low enough to see her large breast encased in a lacy skimpy bra. While she was driving she had been teasing me by lifting up her skirt, showing the tops of her black lacy stockings and black panties. She even played with herself for a few miles until she almost drove off the road. So, by the time we stopped both of us were honey as hell. I on the other hand had on my traveling clothes, jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes. I looked like a bum to tell the truth but my cock was aching from Helens teasing.

Helen walked around the car her heels clicking on the concrete. “There is no pay at the pump” Helen observed “why don’t you go inside pay for some gas and see if there is a motel nearby”. Looking at the station entrance I was not sure I should leave Helen alone but I also knew she could handle herself. As I walked away I saw a group of young black men sitting on some cars next to the station. As I got closer to the station entrance I could hear them talking about how hot Helen was standing there at the back of the car and how they could show the white bitch what a good fucking was. I attempted to ignore the comments but my cock grew a little thinking about Helen being impaled on one of their cocks. Once in the station I was confronted by a younger black couple behind the counter. “Can I help you?” the woman asked. “Yes, I’d like to get some gas and find out if there is a motel anywhere around here” I replied as I handed her my Master Card. “I’d like a fill up”.

Just then I noticed out the window that the group of black men were walking towards Helen. “Hey, What the Fuck” I blurted out as I started towards to door. “Where the fuck you think you going whitie” the black man shouted as he came out from behind the counter. “My wife” I responded. Just then I heard a shotgun rack next to my head. Holy fuck!! The man had drew down on me with a 12gage. “Stop there!!” he ordered. I stopped in my tracks still looking at the black men surround my wife by the pumps. “Please, let me go out there and help her” I requested. “Oh she needs help alright mister and she is going to get it from our boys and their friends” The man said laughing. “Now sit you ass on down over there, I’m sure they will be coming in here in a minute.” Sitting in an old wooden chain I still could see outside. All of a sudden I saw two of the men take Helens arms and force her across the trunk of the car. Another, was running his large black hands up between her thighs and lifting her skirt. Helen was struggling to get loose as the man lifted up her skirt and ripped off her panties leaving her plump ass and pussy exposed to the night air framed by the black garters that held up her stockings. I could several of the men fingering Helen’s pussy as she attempted to fight them. “Make them stop!” I commanded. “They are going to be caught, someone will be driving by”. ‘No fucking way man” The shotgun wheedling man answered. “It fucking 2am, no one will be stopping here before morning. I just can’t believe you were that fuckin stupid to stop here. I glad you all did it’s going to make the night go so much faster with whities to play with.”

Looking out again I saw Helen’s head lurch in the air and she let out a scream as one of the black studs buried his massive cock deep in her. Even from far away I could tell that the cock was the largest I had ever seen. Helen was now being forcibly fucked over the trunk of the car next to the gas pumps. She was still trying to resist but was being held down as the massive black tool drove into her over and over. As Helen’s pussy was being filled with cock several of the others were going through our car. I could do nothing to stop as I was looking down the barrel of a sawed off 12 gage.

For what seems like an hour I watched as Helen was pounded by over and over again by several large black cocks. The men then brought her into the station. She was a mess, cum was running down her legs and her makeup was smeared as she was crying from receiving a hammering like she never had before. They threw her down in a chair next to me and all she could do is slump down in shame.

“Were you assholes going” the man holding the shotgun asked “AND DON’T FUCKIN LIE ABOUT IT!” He finished yelling at me. “We’re driving cross country to LA” I answered. “Please let us go, take our money, car, whatever you want but, please let us go.” ‘You bet we gonna take what we what we want” he responded ‘Hell the boys here have already started. Ain’t that right Jerome” looking at one of the boys. “Yea daddy that one fucking good piece of white ass! I can’t wait till I go at it again.” The man replied “Great!, I can’t wait to get some of that myself. Move their car into the far garage so it’s out of sight.” SHIT! I thought, what is going to happen? “Who is in LA waiting for you?” Mr. shotgun continued. “There are lots of people waiting for us and if we don’t show up they will call the police.” I stated trying to show something. “That’s fucking bullshit dad” Jerome broke in, “The bitch told me no one is waiting for them shit, no one even knows where the fuck they are! The bitch wasn’t lying either, she was so fucking scared I just beat the shit out of her that she fessed right up. Ain’t that right bitch?” Sobbing Helen shook her head in agreement to what Jerome was saying. “Say What! You lied to me!” Mr. shotgun yelled as he cracked me across the head with the butt knocking me to the floor. My ears rang loudly, my eyes watered and my head was throbbing in intense pain like I had never felt before. Making it worse the man took a handful of my hair bringing me up on my knees. “Lie to me fagot” I heard through the ringing. “You gonna learn” then I felt something semi hard strike my face and press against my lips. There was a very strong musky/sweaty sent the air and then I felt it pushing past my lips. SHIT!!! It was his cock!!! I don’t, “NO!” I blurted out, but it was too late as soon as my mouth opened the giant black cock filled it. “Ohhhhhh, suck the cock you lying cocksucker” the man ordered. I tried to resist, but he turned my head to see Helen with a handgun to her head. “That’s right, suck my head or hers gets blown the fuck off!” He pushed deeper till I gaged on the massive tool. Taking my head in his large hands he held me still and faced fucked me senseless. Jamming the cock in and out telling me what a good cocksucker I am. Through the sounds and smell of my abuse I started to her Helen moaning/screaming in pain/pleasure. I could barely see out of the corner of my eye that she was bent over an Ice Cream case, being pounded again by one of the boys. A second boy unzipped and filled Helen’s mouth with his massive black cock. Then, the man blew his black hot load down my throat, he jerked so hard and violently the seed spilled from my mouth as his cock slipped out and he came all over my face, head and chest. As I fell in a heap on the dirty floor I saw Helen being taken. There seemed to be a difference about it, she was not screaming in pain any longer but moaning in pleasure every time the black rod pushed into her. She had here hand wrapped around the immense shaft sticking into her mouth and was milking and stroking it as if she could not get enough. Then I was shocked to hear “OHHHHHHHHhhhhhh Yessssss, FUCK ME with your black cock..” Coming from her in between being feed cock. Was I hearing right? My wife was begging to be fucked by black cock?

“To hell with this shit” I heard a woman’s voice blurt out, “You fuckers ain’t gonna have all the fun with the whitties, I was some too. Hey you cocksucker craw your ass on over here and let’s see if you eat pussy as good as you suck cock”. I crawled to her as she sat in a chair naked from the waist down. Spreading her legs I could see that she must have been playing with herself as her black bushy pussy was gleaming from the juices she had brought out. Reaching out as I got there she wasted no time in burying my face in the hot juicy pussy and closing her thighs tight “Ohhhh yeaaaa baby, lick the black pussy you crave, suck mommas cunt and and make her cum.” On my hands and knees, my head being held by the tension of her vice like thighs I felt my pants being pulled down. NO, Now what!! Fuck no!!! Not that!! All crossed my mind but I could not resist. My ass lit up on fire as a cock ripped through the bud entering my virgin ass. I came up for as and screamed in pain as it went deeper in me. “You gonna get use to that by the time you leave next week cocksucker” the female said as she pushed my face back into her crouch. Muffled I heard “It be nice to have a couple rich whitties to service us for a while. I know my husband and boys just love white pussy and I ain’t had a white boy to use in a long time”.

As my ass was roughly fucked a rhythm started with the pounding, as he pushed forward in me I buried my tongue deep in her black pussy to the point the black woman was ordering, “Fuck the white boy harder!!! He is loving it, Marcius.” She was right, once my ass opened up to the cock hammering it my tiny cock began to twitch and grow. I was eating the pussy with abandon and pushing back so the cock would go deeper in me. Holding my head tight she came so hard her muscular thighs almost crushed my head as I felt the cock buried in me explode shooting hot cum deep in my intestines. And to my surprise I came as well, nothing like the cock in my ass but just a few squirts of approval for what was happening. I looked over and Helen was on the Ice Cream case on her back with 4 black men cuming all over her now naked body. When they finished they took both of us to a back room that contained a few auto supplies and had pipes running around the walls. We both were exhausted from our abuse and did not resist as we were chained to the pipes and they left us.

Alone now I finely had my first chance to talk to Helen since this started hours ago. “Honey, are you OK? How are we going to get out of here? They have the car and all of our stuff.” “Why should we.” She answered back, ‘Please don’t take this the wrong way but that was the best sex I have ever had. Yes, at first I wanted them to stop and it hurt but the black cocks are so big and they sure know how to use them. I can’t tell you how many times I came over and over.” I was stunned. My wife was telling me she loved the fucking she had got over the past several hours and loved the black cock she had gotten. “Come on now, you can’t tell me that you didn’t like what happened to you. Jerome told me your little cock shot some cum when you were being fucked in the ass.” She was right, I hated to admit it but being taken like that was a real turn on.

They closed the station so there was more time to abuse their new what sex slaves. Although by the end of the end of the week we were more willing subjects to our black gods and started to get along with them as long as we did what we were told. Helen and I talked and then spoke with the family about making this more of a fulltime thing. The woman was right we had a lot of money accumulated over the past years and were thinking of early retirement. So, the offer was made and accepted. Helen and I would leave our jobs in Florida, move there and be the family’s sex servants and work at the station spending some of our fund to fix it up. Helen and I knew nothing about running the station or fixing cars but business was booming. After all where else could you stop for gas along I-10 where a fill up comes with a blow job or a nice 40 y/o pussy to fuck……………


*Please NOTE - This story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life. Anyone acting out such scenarios in “real life” can look forward to many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a fellow convict in their local prison system. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and the author does not condone any perceived illegal / immoral behavior in real life.*