white penis

  1. WhiteEuroBoi

    White Men - Do You Have a Lot of Frustration With Your Sex Drive?

    I’m a 24 year old white boi and not only is my penis just 3” inches, but I have to struggle and battle to have an ejaculation. Sometimes I can’t even get my dick up all the way. When I was allowed to have sex with my girlfriend (before she turned to BBC), I had to really thrust and challenge...
  2. WhiteEuroBoi

    Do Black Men REALLY Have a Lot More Sperm than White Men?

    I'm 23, and my girlfriend and I are an amateur Cuckold couple. We have a Bull who's about 11" inches long. Aside from that, I noticed a huge difference in the way we both ejaculate. When I ejaculate, the cum dribbles out in small little drops and I have to struggle to get it all out. It never...
  3. WhiteEuroBoi

    Ladies, Does My Penis Look Worthless or Does it Have SOME Hope?

    I'm a white boi with a small 5'9" penis fully erect. I respect women and I know their pussies are absolutely, extremely sacred and deserve only GOOD penises inside of them. I know black bulls are superior to white men and always will be (since so many of them are 8-12" inches and deliver...
  4. WhiteEuroBoi

    Ladies, What Do You Think of My Penis?

    I know it's not that big. Believe me, I tried real hard to make it bigger (supplements, pumps, exercises, stretching devices) but all failed. Would any woman at least give my dick a try? Or should I just accept its smallnes and keep it locked in a chastity cage? :( I
  5. Robert Crest

    White Masturbation

    To all my fellow white males, I'm curious, How big are you and how many fingers does it take to jerk off? (since I know you can't use your full hand haha) I, personally, am 4.8" and use 3 fingers