1. AuAFunInSun

    Looking for Hotwife or single in Aruba

    Here on vacation but so far no luck
  2. HollyWorny

    Best European City to Find a Bull

    Hey All, So, we are looking for a short break in Europe with a twist (a big black twist) Can any other cuckold couples recommended any good cities in Europe (not Amsterdam - too many visits) that they have visited which are great for the cuckold scene (finding attractive black men). ❤️
  3. AEA18B21-2349-4AAD-99C8-C8F4BF89F2D5.jpeg


    Vaca shorts
  4. Wanabecuck1985

    Sitios de interes para hotwife en cost del sol

    Hola, Adonde podria llevar ami novia por la vosta del sol? Quiza un spa que los chicos sean jovenes y en forma? Hoteles que sean conocidos por corneadores etc. Restaurantes? Playas ? Un saludo
  5. toogoodtobetrue

    Visiting San Antonio from California.

    I'll be visiting San Antonio for the next few days and was hoping to meet a single lady or a couple for some vacation fun. I'm very laid back and love to laugh and have fun. Let's set something up.
  6. N

    Jamaika Urlaub

    Hat irgendjemand hier Erfahrung mit Urlaub auf Jamaika? Ich wollte über Weihnachten und Neujahr mal etwas neues probieren, und Urlaub auf Jamaika machen. Ist in letzter Zeit mal jemand dort gewesen? Die Berichte im Netz sind größtenteil schon 10 Jahre alt. Es gibt ja aber Reisewarnungen auf der...
  7. Jussi Jokela

    Hawaii vacation

    We will going to Hawaii Island in January for 3 weeks. ... for my sexy petite blonde wife Tara. Iseland tour O'ahu, Kaua'i and Maui 1-19.1.2018. Do you have eny tips, where is a good place to go where there would be black guys nude on the beach or club or eny place, waiting for a couple's white...
  8. gqblackgent416

    Interracial AirBnB

    After seeing a post in another forum I was curious to know if there were others here who host/ would host travelling BBCs or host travelling BBC lovers ( Hotwife Couples/ QOS Ladies/ Cuckold/Sissy types) for short/ long term stays in their homes? I know of one couple that host in their cottage...
  9. gqblackgent416

    CARIBANA 2017 | Aug 3-6 Toronto, Canada

    Hey B2W, CARIBANA is Toronto's Annual Caribbean Carnival. Considered North America's largest attended carnival. with well over 1,000,000 event attendees from UK, Europe, Caribbean Islands & the USA. A caribbean flavored carnival with all the sights, sounds and flavors of the caribbean all...
  10. HotGirl504

    Couple seeking BBC in Pensacola weekend of 7/22

    Thick white girl looking for the biggest black cock she can find to come do her at the hotel. We will be there all weekend so time and day are negotiable. Must be a mellow and hung guy. Boyfriend will be taking pics and videos. She will communicate if someone is interested.
  11. Coolercucumber

    Canadian BBC in LA

    So I'm in Los Angeles for the week and I'm looking to see if there's and lucky California girls who want to fuck a Canadian dude. Message me on kik @thefunniestblackguy
  12. harry ecsbury

    Dormitory fantasy

    Hi people, I'm wondering if someone can help me out. I have a fantasy about going on holiday with my gf to a shared dormitory hostel like one of these in the pictures: I'm wondering if anyone has any porn videos of a similar thing, where a guy goes in with his gf and one of the other...
  13. Wife blacked on vacation

    Wife blacked on vacation

  14. My hotwife

    My hotwife

    Looking for IR vacations and recommendations..
  15. Tee Cee

    CRUISES - Anyone Here Like To Go On Cruises

    We always have enjoyed going on cruises and wondered how many of you have been - are planning now - or would like to go on a cruise? If you have BEEN - post any cruise pics you may like to share. If you are planning to cruise maybe we can take some pics TOGETHER on board the ship and in the...
  16. Wife fucks bbc on Vegas vacation

    Wife fucks bbc on Vegas vacation

  17. QueenOfSpades66

    BBC Vacation desination recommendations

    I'm planning on getting away on a vacation down south this winter and was wondering if all of you might have recommendations on a destination and resort where I can meet sexy black men. Thanx for any help you can provide :-)
  18. Wonderful wife serves Jamaican bull

    Wonderful wife serves Jamaican bull

    Wonderful wife serves Jamaican bull on holiday Hubby gets to cleans up
  19. Beach Vacation BBC

    Beach Vacation BBC

    Wife gets BBC on vacation while hubby flims
  20. Hot wife banging on vacation

    Hot wife banging on vacation