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  1. amr9393

    My first time anal sex story

    First time I tried anal with my ex boyfriend. I still remember this sex story with real pleasure. We just graduated from college and started renting an apartment for two. We had big plans for the future, so we tried to get the most out of each other. Our sex was amazing, so at some point we...
  2. H

    NEW MEMBER [HumbledMaleFeminist] - How does cuckolding and feminism intersect?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the site and just wanted to introduce myself but I wanted to get started in a unique way. I was actually hoping to get your thoughts on something that happened to me in real life. I wanted to send this introduction to give you a bit of background. Long story short...
  3. drippinpussy

    new visit to the arcade

    Since our last visit to an arcade in Phoenix, (see my previous story) we have been having incredible sex. Hubby can't stop talking about that young black dude touching me and cumming on my ass. Have to admit that it was super hot. Today we had to be in Phoenix, and I was driving, he had been...
  4. B

    Valentine’s Day

  5. JustinNJenn

    Let me tell you how it really happens......

    I am going to tell you a truthful account of how we became involved in this lifestyle. What lifestyle is that you may ask. It's the lifestyle of my wife servicing a select few black men on a regular basis. You see, we were swingers for years off and on, mostly off. When I met her she was...