1. Oh hi honey! Sorry I didn't pick up when you called, I was a little busy with my new boyfriend's massive cock. Look how much bigger it is than yours!

    Oh hi honey! Sorry I didn't pick up when you called, I was a little busy with my new boyfriend's massive cock. Look how much bigger it is than yours!

  2. Natalie666

    A new girl in the topic of bnwo looking for people who will introduce her to this lifestyle more.

    I am looking for people or one specific person who would become my online teacher in BNWO lifestyle and who would introduce me to this topic, so that it becomes a reality in my life.
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  4. Hotwife pet Training 🐶🔗

    Hotwife pet Training 🐶🔗

    Met this sexy young wife RIGHT HERE on b2w! Owned her for about a year. Trained her to do anything I wanted - including dress up like a little doggy 🐶 Watch her beg for Daddy Snacks👅 DM for details full length video, it's a wild one!
  5. newbies4fun

    Orange County, CA Wife QOS Training

    Hey all, my wife and I are in Oc and not only is she wanting her first bbc but she’s wanting to find a bbc that will share her and turn her into a true bbc slut. She is very submissive and loves it very rough.
  6. That first moment...

    That first moment...

    When you enter a 'Black Virgin Pussy' for the first time.
  7. L

    Cum training

    Does any other whiteboy only allowed to cum on themselves? My girlfriend and her bull thought that after letting the bull cum on my face I wanted to wash it down too quickly. So now I am only allowed to cum in a position where my legs are on the wall and above me so when I came I cum ony my...
  8. snowbunny95

    Bimbo Training

    Aspiring Bimbo looking for resources…any bbc bimbo training out there?
  9. A

    Another step

    Today I gave in and taken another inevitable step. Bought the meat locker fully encased chastity cage. It’s rubber and engulfs my penis and balls with little hoop at the tip and bottom of the ball sack. Cuckold journey feels nearer
  10. Domsub.MOV


    intensity - she loves being slapped
  11. Mouchette at the hotwife gangbang

    Mouchette at the hotwife gangbang

  12. BBC SLUT training

    BBC SLUT training

    Training this young wife
  13. Drillin It & Fillin it

    Drillin It & Fillin it

    Drilling that white pussy balls deep
  14. Snowbunny Throat training

    Snowbunny Throat training

    Another day, another bunny to train
  15. Mexican Hotwife

    Mexican Hotwife

    Took ownership of this 25yo wife for a year. Monthly leash training sessions.
  16. MORE Throat Training

    MORE Throat Training

    More footage Training this 24yo hotwife couple visiting Austin. DM me to purchase full video of this amazing session 😈
  17. Rainbow tail buttplug

    Rainbow tail buttplug

    Thinking if this would work with a skirt
  18. Throat training

    Throat training

    Training his 24yo wife. Just relax and give Daddy your mouth
  19. Training Fitness Girl

    Training Fitness Girl

    22yo Fitness model getting her first leash
  20. Training his sexy Wife 2

    Training his sexy Wife 2

    Solo session while Cuck Hubby away for work.