1. Stretching in progress.

    Stretching in progress.

    ...Ok she did not manage to take the whole thing but she got past the half way mark.
  2. Training my ass for BBC

    Training my ass for BBC

    Happy 2019 everyone! Hoping to get my first feels of black this year ; )
  3. White girl training

    White girl training

    White girl training
  4. She had to be punished

    She had to be punished

    She talked back so I rammed her
  5. White slut in training

    White slut in training

    Teaching my white slut how to service me. Had to give her a hard spanking because she wasn’t listening
  6. Trying my first big black dildo while fantasising about a thick black penis

    Trying my first big black dildo while fantasising about a thick black penis

    I'm so curious about a real fat one. He felt so tight and intense. I had to stretch my married mature vagina slowly and careful. I like to feel a real one now...
  7. Bigbamboo

    [Slut Training] for Horny Black Cock Sluts

    Have you been craving to be a uninhibited black cock slut? Do you want to bring out your inner slut? Does the thought of being completely dominated and used really excites you? You can open your mind as I guide you into a very relax and pleasurable state that can allow you to become the black...
  8. Bigbamboo

    Dominant Black Master for your slut wife

    Are you seeking a dominant and experienced black master? Have your wife been craving to be dominated? Have you been dreaming of seeing her inner slut come out and play? I have been dominating and trading wives and single female to bring out their inner slut for the past ten years results are...
  9. Bigbamboo

    BBC slut traing for wife/hotwife

    Are you a bit shy or reserved about the lifestyle? Do you want to play and have fun with less inhibitions or fear? Have you dreamed of bring out your inner slut? Female sexuallity is purely mental and with the right stimulation and guidance any hot wife or slut can reach peaks beyond their...
  10. L

    Cuckmatchmaking Events

    It seems the word is getting out. More and more wannabes are becoming real cucks. Over 140 men still with their cuck queens to date , its obvious something is being done right. I can come to your city and cuck coach you. I can even put on a nice bbc/qos/cuck event in your area to make your...
  11. WannabeCuck

    Behavioral Conditioning Stories

    Ann4BBC wrote a post in another thread, talking about her experience being so effectively trained by her master that it led to an embarrassing situation for her, because she was conditioned to welcome her masters' friends in a certain way (see her quote below, reposted with her permission). I...
  12. cuckboi206

    Training of the cuckold husband

    This subject may have been covered in other posts but i would like to begin a conversation regarding the training of husbands to be cuckolds. In our case my wife has trained me to be a submissive and has locked me in chastity. In addition i am no longer permitted intercourse with her. i was...
  13. whiteSAnerd

    Buttplugs in white girl ass - preparing for BBC

    I love the idea of white girls casually wearing buttplugs for training purposes so that they can welcome a BBC into their little backdoor without unbearable discomfort. This thread is a home for these types of pictures and related comments.
  14. PAWG&CubanDom

    Newbies looking to tag along...

    We want go get our BBC hotwife fantasy rolling, but first maybe a nearby couple can help us along. Friends is fine. More than friends is fine too. Or just good convo here if that's all y'all can swing (pun). Whatever works! We are in Florida but visit west coast often. 29F 32M
  15. Bacchanalia

    Service Training for White Women

    I am Countess and welcome to Bacchanalia Academy of Alchemical Science + Service Training. Here, I train white women. While they reach heights of ecstasy, I am reprogramming them from the decay that is white womanhood.
  16. Bacchanalia

    Service Academy

    A Caucasian woman's life is a Faustian Bargain. While whiteness grants you privilege and therefore power over the marginalized, you remain subjugated under the patriarchy. The glass ceiling will never be shattered. That is a proverbial carrot on a stick, a phantasm that you chase but will never...
  17. Ready..


  18. Black daddy trained white sub slut very well

    Black daddy trained white sub slut very well

  19. BBC Training 2

    BBC Training 2

  20. BBC Training 1

    BBC Training 1