1. Shia808

    Submissive White Boy Worships BBC

    Hi, I'm a 20 year old inferior white boy that lives to serve black men. If you're in Washington and you like being worshipped, I know how to make a bull feel real superior :) as they should! I'm 5'11" 190lbs and a thicc white booty that was built for black :) hmu! Lets at least chat!
  2. Robert Crest

    How we evolve..

    These are just thoughts. I've been thinking about this all day at work and thought I'd post it here to hear from others. I think in terms of sexual "thickness" of women (skinny waist, big hips, big butt) black woman seem to have it more than most white woman, I think most could agree, however...
  3. C

    Denied it from ten years old

    I will accept now, after nearly 20 years of watering in my mouth in the presence of a black confident youth - 60 I naturally have always gone instantly weak, never accepted, my earliest memory of being bullied was by a black girl, maybe from then I subconsciously accepted, I love the fear and...
  4. T

    Does size matter for white guys?

    Does size matter for white guys? Or are they a sissy cuck regardless even if they're hung? 7 long, 3 wide, 6 thick. Would that be considered big, or just above average?