1. N

    Cincinnati/Kentucky bulls

    Firsy bull(s) to arrange and give my cuck husband a spanking gets to black me. I’d like for his underwear to be taken and posted or sent to me. Videos/pics are allowed. I’ll send pics of his butt if interested, if interested or have questions please message me, thanks! Cincinnati/NKY
  2. BBW Wife Brittany goes Black

    BBW Wife Brittany goes Black

    This wife has her bull over and videos it for her husband. See her pictures here also:
  3. D

    True Marriage Spanking Story

    Remembering the beginning of my married erotic spanking story, I understand I always needed it. I grew up in a family where everyone spoiled me, my parents never allowed themselves to spank each other and me too. I had several guys, but I was always missing something adult. Apparently I...
  4. Polish_20230928_194655799.jpg


    Warm my ass up for a pounding

    Who’s wants to get bent over next?
  6. Big long strokes and spanking

    Big long strokes and spanking

  7. Pt 2. White wife whipped and seeded by her Black Bull

    Pt 2. White wife whipped and seeded by her Black Bull

    after giving me a proper blowjob she begged me to f u c k her and reward her with a full womb to take home to hubby. As always in order to be rewarded ... she must first be whipped. (This was a part of her fetish) She served me well and presented me her fertile vulva as the pain grew to ec stasy.
  8. Leather Strap or Wooden Paddle

    Leather Strap or Wooden Paddle

  9. Y

    ISO a couple or 1-3 doms near Cincinnati Ohio

    I’m looking for a couple or 1-3 doms (male or female) to give my GF a spanking. This will either take place in Cincinnati or at the Hollywood casino parking garage in Indiana. She has no idea about this and will be a surprise. Please message me if you’d be interested or have any questions, thank...
  10. Spanking my bitch

    Spanking my bitch



    title says it all!
  12. Pre-game.mp4


    Priming her. You got to take the time to make sure her pussy is all juiced up to make some good lubrication for the incoming stretching section.
  13. Preparing the holes

    Preparing the holes

  14. SemperDominus

    Spanking you makes my cock hard

    I want to feel your soft ass beneath my hand as I spank it, rub it and then spank it again. Seeing you squirm and hearing you yelp, is a tantalizing combination that makes my cock hard and makes the beast in me growl. Now be a good girl and drop your panties to your ankles and lay across my...
  15. Pushing Limits #2

    Pushing Limits #2

    “The only limits are the ones we set ourselves.” This husband believes his wife’s limits to be fixed, but her first black bull connects with her sexuality and pushes her joy and her limits past what her marriage had offered. The next meet reveals even more…
  16. Caged husband kisses fucked wife

    Caged husband kisses fucked wife

    A true cuckhold couple
  17. Passive wife with experienced bull

    Passive wife with experienced bull

    Look at that bulls bulge….he is so ready to fuck her
  18. Leaving my mark!

    Leaving my mark!

    She said she has a high pain tolerance!
  19. SemperDominus

    A rush of *******

    When she feels that first smack on her ass and feels that rush of ******* to the area, it's simply intoxicating. She feels alive, awoken and she wants more. More pain, more tender touches of affection once she's been spanked and her ass is nice and red. But more than anything, she wants more of...
  20. QOS4BBC


    Fucked her through out the day into the the next morning.