1. Mr MiracleBBC

    Tampa Bay BBC looking for submissive couple

    Looking for a submissive couple that enjoys being dominated by a big black BBC. I have eight inches at my disposal and I know how to use them. Very experienced in the lifestyle. Let me know your fantasies tell me why I should choose you to serve me.My bbc by Mr MiracleBBC posted Jul 16, 2017 at...
  2. Mr MiracleBBC

    A Black Masters Responsibility

    Black Masters have a responsibility to properly train both white submissive husbands and their wives. When I say train them I mean teach them not only how to please a black man but how to truly submit and give themselves over to you completely. We should own them every way that a person can own...
  3. Mr MiracleBBC

    What's your Cuckold Story

    How did you get into the life style of worshiping black men?
  4. Sissy Lynn

    Are there any black sissies or black cucks out there?

    I want to know if there are any black cucks or black sissies out there?