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    What to do with it if you don't use it?

    Having a thing hanging between your legs that you don't use anymore as you did before can be a bit of a nuisance and in some cases an embarrassment. So what to do with it. My dick has been shrinking to a lifeless 3 inches and I've always had small balls. So what would you do if you're in a...
  2. R

    How to become impotent to become a submissive cuckold?

    Is there a way to become impotent, ie to get rid of erections forever to become a helpless submissive cuck who can only watch. This will add more intensity to the humiliation which I like.
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    How to shrink your penis and if possible get rid of erection to become a submissive cuckold?

    A future cuckold wannable here, Is there a way to shrink penis without using female hormone which change the whole body. I mean through some kind of cbt or something. Having a small useless penis will be more exciting and will add to the humiliation.
  4. M

    Penis Shrinkage

    caused by chastity or Chronic Masturbation Yeah. Anybody have heard of that? If you, a white male, have more than 3-4 inches there is a nice solution for that "problem" lol.