1. CT


  2. N

    Couple serving Bbc together

    Have been playing for a while with bbc with the gf and she finally has embraced a more extreme side of wanting us to serve bbc together which is very hot. Thinking of more ways and looking for BBC in DC area who would want. I am hung but she wanted larger and since our bbc threesome she’s been...
  3. R

    Here to serve.

    Hello to all the cuckholdress' and couples. While there are more details about me in my profile and I am happy to answer any questions you may have, plain and simply, I am here to serve as best I can. I have discovered a newfound interest in this lifestyle after many years in other roles. I...
  4. columbusboy

    Hello from Ohio

    Hello All, So I joined a few days ago. I was going to wait until I got verified before posting anything but I was just reading the rules and realized that I fall into the 3rd category "SPECIAL FOR SINGLE WHITE MEN" where it stated that "there is no need to complete the verification process...
  5. wetemke

    hotwife madelein.

    We are a hotwife/cuckold couple from the Vaal triangle. We are new to the cuckold scene, though I have been going with guys while hubby watches, we have never made the conscious decision to go cuckold until now. If you are a hotwife/cuckold couple, I would like to chat and learn from you. I...