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  1. yoruba

    Mi esposa siempre quiere que la llenen de leche

    Desea que la llenen de leche cuantos mas mejor. Es impresionante verla follar con otros hombre y nos encanta que se le corran encima. Agradeceria comentarios de que es lo que le hariais y fotocorridas o videocorridas dedicadas para poder excitarla aun mas.
  2. ALWhiteDude

    How dirty or extreme is she? Talking dirty about her.

    Gf, wife, sister, friend, daughter: What is the most dirty or extreme thing she has done? strangers? public? car? gangs? etc. Call her every filthy name.
  3. Paulus50

    Just a scare

    My wife and I had a great scare when we participated in a swing interracial party. We met a nice Kenyan couple. I fucked his wife, a beautiful young ebony queen, and he, a black stud, fucked my wife. When he cum an unexpected fact: the condom broke and the Kenyan discharge a strong load of semen...