1. L


    We will be in the UAE on February 18-29 We are an educated, intelligent and well-groomed family. For many years now I have not been able to persuade my wife into a hotwife cuckold relationship. She knows everything about my desires, but she thinks that this is not right. I think she could change...
  2. G

    Smoothness vs looks

    This question is for the ladies. Which guy has a better chance with you? One that looks good or one that's smooth-talking. I've been reading through PUA literature (I know it gets a bad rep but I've seen it working IRL, so there must be some merit to it) and the core teachings are that the...
  3. wowwy76

    Wife seduces neighbor sound recording included

    Wife seduced our black army neighbor. Very well built man and by the sounds he was packing
  4. More love making.jpeg

    More love making.jpeg

    Found this pic of an example of the type of intimacy that I love!
  5. L


    Looking for someone who could seduce my wife and make her a slut. We are in Dubai Jumeira untill 6th january
  6. SemperDominus

    Seductive Acts

    As a dominant, it's my personality. Nothing "triggers my desire to dominate," as that is how I feel 24/7. Suppose you're asking what explicitly makes my body and mind yearn to enforce that dominance over a woman in real, tangible ways in a specific moment (rather than how you always feel in...
  7. CuckDuck75

    Seeking something a little different. Alabama

    It looks like everyone is just looking for sex these days, but it seems like there's even more exciting things to do. I'm trying to find my wife a relationship with a black man. Not just meet up and fuck, but a more intimate long-term relationship. Take her on dates and get to really know her. A...
  8. G

    Hello from greece!!!

    hi there...i have a girlfriend and i want to watch her take a bbc....she has no idea i am on here....i just want her to get some good raw sex with a bbc....i need some help to get her interested but she must never ever find out i am involved....i want her to think its like cheating...if anyone...
  9. GF


    would you fuck her?
  10. GF


    1000$ to seduce her?
  11. G

    I want my GF seduced thinking she is cheating!!!

    Has anyone ever done this? can I get a BBC to fuck my GF and make her cheat on me?
  12. B

    Looking in Destin

    Wife and I will be in Destin for couple weeks mid to late Aug. We were in interracial lifestyle for 7 years with couple long term bfs. She loved being with black men on dates n public and fucked only BBC. I'm her only white guy she's ever had and been married 20+ years. She quit the lifestyle 2...
  13. kay461962

    What a woman desires

    Confidence seems to be the answer. But what does that mean? Acting tough?'s honesty. Honest enough to say, I like you. Honest enough to say, You should come out with me. Honest enough to say, I like that dress on you. These things make the man. Expressing your attraction to women...