1. P


    Anyone on here from Scotland? Bulls, fellow cucks, Cuckoldresses, couples, etc. I'd love to meet an Alpha or a Superior woman and be put in my place. 22 years old, male/aspiring sissy, Glasgow here.
  2. J

    BBC For Girlfriend - Scotland

    Hi there, I'm posting just to get a rough idea about how many bulls there are around the west of Scotland and in the Aberdeen area as I intend to bring my girlfriend into the lifestyle of big black cock. I would start off with the use of condoms and after the first few bulls she could decided...
  3. J

    Introducing Myself - BBC For My Girlfriend

    Hi everyone, My name is Jason, I'm 22 from Scotland. My girlfriend and I have been together for over 6 years now and she has always talked to me about how much she loves black men. Ever since she first mentioned it I have wanted to see her have sex with a black man, a hung one at that. I...
  4. P

    Cap/Tribute/Photoshop Request

    Hey there, anyone here interested in doing one of the above to my girlfriend? Not posting nudes per her request. Just show me your best with these :)
  5. M

    GLASGOW anyone

  6. Alexander Ross

    Hello searching for Cuckoldress in Glasgow or the surrounding area UK

    Hello Sandy 34 year old NEW single male here I would like to find a cuckoldress in the UK preferably in Glasgow or the surrounding area as I'm from Coatbridge. would be willing to travel for the right woman or couple if interested please say Hi
  7. V

    BBC visiting Edinburgh, Scotland

    BBC visiting Edinburgh on holiday looking for sexy women for fun, can't accommodate as I'm staying with family, though can visit anywhere in Scotland and also book hotel if you can't accommodate. Message me if you're interested and we can set up a meet