1. couplefun14

    Help us choose training situation

    Hi all So we have brought some new toys and accessories to use with our role playing/training and we would love you guys to help us decide what to use. :giggle: The poll has unlimited votes but please choose one item from each “head to head/vs” After a while, we will review the poll and the...
  2. Home Alone

    Home Alone

  3. Pillowispa

    FANTASY ROLEPLAY - Choose your scenario!

    Turn us ladies (or gents) on by playing our game; choose a scenario from the options below then 'reply' to it (using words only) to continue that scenario to a point of your choosing. Each scenario begins from the woman's perspective then you take it up from your own (whether you're the woman or...
  4. DirtyDianaPL

    GB FANTASY with BBC's- thoughts, impressions

    Im 18yo wondering how is it like to be used roughly by 3 BBC's in GB. This fantasy makes my horny but it frightens me on the other side. I often watch those kinds of movies. Maybe someone took part of sth similar and could write impression. How is it feel to be filled by 3 muscular black guys...
  5. blacks09m

    Any girl like online sexting or rp

    Pm me for my kik id
  6. yourtoytv

    41Y.O. SF/Bay area Single Crossdresser/TV for mature masculine daddy

    Hello All! I just stumbled across this site and am just completely blown away. I hope im welcome, because i feel like im right where im supposed to be! I know im not everyone's taste, but im hoping i can find someone who likes what they see! Im a crossdresser/TV....not a transexual or on...
  7. MasterFW4

    Women on men forced scenarios

    I've looked through the forums and seen people talk about forced play scenarios with men on women but next to none about women on men, I just want to get some thoughts and ideas people might have about a woman(or women) on man forced scenario.
  8. I

    Ideas, role play, and scenarios.

    Looking to spice things up a bit and surprise my QOS. Please feel free to recommend some ideas, role play, scenarios, outfits etc..
  9. Grzlylew

    Franklin area country boy..

    Hola! This is a check in from your new favorite bbw loving lumberjack(4real). I have have a hard spot for your soft ones. Do you like it in the woods? Or do you want to get caught?Doesn't matter what you think people think about you, I want you. . Inerested? Quarters fantasy come to mind..
  10. B


    In exploring my sexual side I've been doing some roleplay sex scenes. It's nothing wild and imaginative as it's the intimacy and sweet/dirty talk is what I crave. However I never seem to get responses from black guys. When I did the sessions were hot and steamy. So just wanted to know if there...