1. Nina2106

    Suchen neue Freundschaft Plus / looking for friends with benefits

    (English translation further down) Hallo zusammen, frohe Weihnachten 🎄 Wir suchen eine Freundschaft Plus in einem Umkreis von etwa 200 km. Wir wohnen in der Nähe von Oldenburg in Niedersachsen. Wir legen großen Wert auf Sympathie, Vertrauen und offene Kommunikation. Es ist uns wichtig, dass...
  2. W

    ELMIRA wf46 requesting 1st BBC 10in or bigger

    Looking for a respectable BBC bull to enhance my relationship w my husband and fulfill our adrenaline rush doing this. This whole thing is his idea but I want to please him. I've never been with a monster cock before so this is extremely thrilling for us both. We have rules but will share them...
  3. Peter Skyles

    A Message To Fellow Doms: Aftercare

    I wanted to address the concept of aftercare. I've been in the lifestyle a bit over 9 years now. Most of which I've spent as the Dominant play partner. Most of that 9 years I've spent in a kink ecosystem I've created myself without really reaching into the traditional kink community to play or...
  4. IMeantToBehave.png


    ... but there were too many other options... like 10 + inches from @BigBlackBull76 (a gentleman and not a gentle man in all the right ways). ?
  5. N

    If you were my gf, Would you respect me?

    Hi, I'm 23 and have never fucked a girl so far. I'm meant to be a cuckold, I know it, but I have one fantasy that goes a little further: I'd like to be fucked by the bull in front of my future girfriend. I want my prostate to be stimulated so that my semen flows out and I'd like him to cum...
  6. Bear77ar


    I know this is a site dedicated to cuckoldry, but I'm curious. How many of you opt for a more emotionally healthy poly lifestyle? A lifestyle built on mutual love and respect? Don't get me wrong, I find the cuck stories very erotic and entertaining. I just wonder how many try to attain a...
  7. H

    Advice for Newbs; Right for Us?

    We are asking these questions in good faith, even if it may seem critical to some. I have the fantasy of mfm with my fiancee of 4 years and seeing her with another man and she has always had a touch of jungle fever so it is natural that we would find ourselves here. We've talked about it at...