1. A

    A theory

    "The more outwardly racist the white girl, the more she secretly lusts after big black cock." Discuss.
  2. Sharebare

    Philosophy: Why IR Cuckolding is a must

    This is one white guy’s take on the interracial phenomenon. Why the white mind is occupied by Big Black Cock in all it’s forms and fetishes. 20 years ago, no one would have guessed the terms “BBC”, “cuckold”, “mandingo”, “snowbunny” and all the rest would be common terms. There has been an...
  3. freeconcept2


    Last year in Meridian Hotel I saw a white girl telling to a black man who works in the hotel some racist words. I was so angry but I didn't react. I plan to seduce her for giving her a good lesson. Next day, I was installing a wireless computer network in the hotel in the morning I was in the...
  4. M

    I'm a black husband with a big tit black wife that fucks White Men ONLY!

    its such bullshit that white guys aren't hung. We have no problem finding white masters with huge fucking Dick's. The biggest was a guy we met in DC at Union Station. He is from Germany. Nicely built but Michele dropped to her knees as soon as he unzipped in our hotel room. He was semi erect. 9...