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    White boi sex handsfree

    Any other white boys able to cum Handsfree like this? If so please share. (To bbc porn) *this isn’t me I’ll attach the link below. https://www.redgifs.com/watch/tragicglitteringgalapagossealion
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    Tiny white guy

    Im a guy 43y been pussyfree for 3 years, love to see bbc porn ang girls taking BBCs. Like girls and boobs But really wonder if i get response from girls an BBCs telling me that this fits me? Comment and mabe whit pict? What you think off me? Mabe some BBCs sends theyr size Do i fit girly panties?
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    Penis size of your pussyfree Hubby/BF

    Since there are many cuckold couples that have regular PIV, I am wondering if "pussyfree" is correlated with small penis size.
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    Serious question for single women

    I’m trying to find out more about what the realistic chances of me finding a relationship with a woman being the beta bitch that I am. If I manage to fall into a relationship with someone I meet outside this lifestyle I will make sure I’m playing all my cards right to make sure that I...
  5. L

    Seperated, but living together with hotwife

    Currently I share apartment with my wife. We separated on very good terms a month ago. We both still love each other as best friends and have a beautiful 4 year old baby together. We are both 32 years old. I am a computer nerd and she is 10/10 trophy wife (recently got boobs and nose done to...
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    This is why she cucks me

    We should all be pussy free. Who agrees?
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    How many of you feel like a black friend of yours does not get enough pussy? And are willing to offer gf and go pussy free and help him cheat on his main chick with other girls at your place?
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    Cuckold motivation

    Hey so I’m the closest I have been in years of being cucked and by a local woman. She seems amazing and is really into it. We haven’t gone on a date yet but already we seem perfect. She wants me to film her get fucked. I’m excited but there is a side of me that wants to believe that if I try...
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    28 years old, and married to a hot 32 year old Latina. Have a kid, so its harder now to get freedom. She cuckolded me once, but she didn't even know it. We had a 3 some with a friend of mine right after we were married. I ended up letting him take control and fuck her while I basically...