1. G

    Smoothness vs looks

    This question is for the ladies. Which guy has a better chance with you? One that looks good or one that's smooth-talking. I've been reading through PUA literature (I know it gets a bad rep but I've seen it working IRL, so there must be some merit to it) and the core teachings are that the...
  2. GDmeetsBLACK

    Pick up wife

    Hi, I use my husband as a taxi driver to the dates and parties. This drop off is normal. But now I have to let him pick me up and mostly with a guy of the night. Often I say the guy he is my husband. He have to wait outside of the car when I have fun or may and drop me off at the apartment from...
  3. MDP

    Who to believe! Bull or the Wife? :)

    This coming Friday, my wife will be visiting me in the Netherlands after two long months of being apart, she will also be seeing her bull who she hasn't seen for approximately 2.5 years. They have been chatting and the wife insists he's working, she even said it again this afternoon after they...
  4. NEwant2becuck

    vegas stories

    I am going to be in vegas the 26th-30th and was wondering if anyone had any good vegas stories.. Last time I was there I was walking downtown behind this blonde with a black guy. while waiting to cross the road he noticed this other white woman checking him out. He said whats up and she said...