penis size

  1. U

    Cuckold Cock Size

    I always thought that many women cuck their men because of the tiny dick cuckold. This happened to my wife and I. My penis is only 4``. I was her second husband. I always had a complex about my cuckold penis size. But she was able to find the right approach to me, and now we have been happily...
  2. Weener

    Penis size of your pussyfree Hubby/BF

    Since there are many cuckold couples that have regular PIV, I am wondering if "pussyfree" is correlated with small penis size.
  3. Wanabecuck1985

    Rating our husbands dick

    Hi, We’re both from Spain and chatting to my wife we have come out with a fun idea… Let’s upload our husbands/ cucks dick pics so the ladies can rate or humiliate us. And they can see the need for BBC. I’ll go first…
  4. Blackfrench

    What size refer to well endowed?

    A lot of people talk about well endowed, for you with which size you can be a well endowed guy ?
  5. mywayintermsofsex

    Men: Micropenis, Macropenis, or something in between? (poll)

    i had posted this before, but due to a typo i did mess it up (severely). :( So this is not meant as a repost, but much rather a correction. Sorry guys for the inconvenience. We all know that penises come in many differnt sizes, colors and shapes. Also almost everyone has heard of a "micropenis...
  6. Tinytim2020

    Better white cock than normal? Honest opinions from the white women on here ;)

    I would love to get some honest opinions from the wives and single white women on this forum regarding my dick! Post away :)
  7. Robert Crest

    Are Blacks truly bigger?

    In term of penis size, I always assumed so based on personal interactions and pictures. In my mind and how it appears is that black men have the biggest penises on average and black woman have the biggest thighs, butt, breasts, white people are in the middle and asian people are the opposite...
  8. Robert Crest

    White Masturbation

    To all my fellow white males, I'm curious, How big are you and how many fingers does it take to jerk off? (since I know you can't use your full hand haha) I, personally, am 4.8" and use 3 fingers
  9. mywayintermsofsex

    The Importance Of The "BBC" In The Hotwife-Cuckold-Lifestyle (personal note)

    Within the adult lifestyle in question (see title) it is well understood that in this context "BBC" is used as abbreviation for Big Black Cock. In this post i will raise the question of the importance of the BBC as a trait for the third (i.e. additional) player, taking its meaning literally...