open relationship

  1. germancouple_

    I‘d say we‘re… interested 🙃😅

    Hello guys, We‘re a young couple from Germany 😁 the female part of us has a certain sexual preference that isn’t 100% satisfied in our sex life… that‘s pretty much why we have an open relationship 🙃 I guess there are a few characteristics of our relationship that some may say are more typical...
  2. Y

    Advice on introducing the idea to a girl

    Hey everyone (part 1) This is not about sex per se, it is about genuinely trying to make the fantasy a reality. Before I proceed, I am not saying this in arrogance, I'm adding it because it's relevant information. I am a good looking white male from USA living in Spain; who has a deep seated...
  3. MattWanaBeCuck

    Australian Cuckold looking for Hotwife

    Hey, I'm Matt, a 33 whiteboi looking to get involved with a white woman who loves black men and would like to have a cuckold whiteboi at home to emotionally and financially support her. I am in Australia and can travel anywhere for a willing woman who's into this. please message and I'd be...
  4. 16196848-1451645-16597-B271-615AS615.jpg


    Big wet titties!
  5. CocoTemptation

    The Perfect Friend With Benefits or FB - Just The Woman's Perspective Please

    I’m forever doing polls on twitter ( @CocoTemptation_ ) but for this question I’m not sure I’m able to properly condense the multiple choice answers. So here’s my question for the single ladies on here. I’m not asking about looks but in terms of the relationship dynamic, particularly with...
  6. CuriousBlake

    Girlfriend's Friends...

    Both of my girlfriend's best friends are dating black men... Yesterday she was telling me that her and her friend were talking about BBC and her friend shared how great it is and how much bigger her black boyfriend is. My girlfriend was shocked that according to her friend, this guy can only...