1. 20180216_142227.mp4


    I guess I'll keep putting dick in my neighbors since I can't find a ohio slut smh !
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    I love 69 ride my tongue, with this thick black meat in your mouth
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    Need to cum !!!!!!
  4. VID_20180709_001645052_HDR.mp4


    Don't be shy, thick black Ohio cock
  5. Solo #24

    Solo #24

    Feeling Photogenic
  6. 20180626_173348-1-1.jpg


    Guess I better clean my mirror
  7. Lofi216

    Any REAL couple in NE Ohio

    Any real couples in Ohio, and not gay men behind profiles. Nothing against homosexuals but don’t try to catfish especially when it’s obvious
  8. IMG_20180622_023910051.jpg


    Take me deep into your mouth, I'm big enough to please, just right for sucking, and thick enough to stretch you.
  9. candy.jpg


    to remind people who I am and pray it not used for some ad. this is me. enjoy the candy
  10. Lofi216

    Anyone in Cleveland

  11. Geminigirly86

    Ohio men

    Is there any real big bbc in ohio that are my type attractive not old I do do above 38 and you as 18 is cool that 11 or 12 or bigger just curious what's out there on that level never done this but curious to what a limitation of a white vigina is and does that exist in south west or central ohio
  12. J

    Pittsburgh seeking

    Hey in Pittsburgh looking for a bbc lover to sit on my black cock. Send me a msg would love to take care of the women.
  13. D

    Dayton, OH. Looking for BBC, or another hotwife and BBC the GF can join

    Couple from Dayton here. F19 needs to take her first BBC. It would be awesome if she could join another hotwife to share her first experience too, but it's not necessary. She's 5'5, 115 lbs, brunette, and pale. Would prefer someone younger, but if you're in good shape age does not matter.
  14. Solo #20

    Solo #20

  15. Xuncutx666

    couple looking for bbc

    In Ohio, looking for a bbc to join. Let us know if interested. Thanks☺️
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    I need you
  17. IMG_20180403_105454447.jpg


    Need a hot white wife
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    Kids gone, husband at work, why haven't you called me yet. Ohio stiff cock
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    Body shot
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    Another body shot