1. W

    New here Hello

    Pansexual husband exploring myself. Big turn on for me, id love to share my wife when she’s ready for it. Shared past exs before her too. mostly on here looking to make friends, share, chat and fun with people who understand. Always down to chat and play just say hello!
  2. D

    Tallahassee area

    23 year old athletic bbc new to the lifestyle but very curious! I love bisexual Queens as well and I’m kinda looking for someone’s who into that LTP lifestyle if you know what I mean 😛
  3. Miasells

    Female 24. Here to meet some like minded people

    Living in Florida. Tampa, Looking to meet some nice people and create some connections. 5'6 Tall Blonde Fairly experienced ( for my age ) Works in retail
  4. A

    Mia 28 f CT interested in New experience

    Hi! I’m Mia from Greenwich, CT! I have been curious about this lifestyle recently and found this community. It took me a week to join and I’m not sure if it’s for me yet but I want to learn more. I have had a previous black boyfriend so it wouldn’t be my first time. Nice to meet you all!
  5. D

    Younger bull. Experienced and looking for new couples

    Younger guy from Dallas Fort worth area. Looking for a couple my age to discuss IR cuckokding. The chat feature sucks on here. Msg me for my discord or telegram
  6. D

    Tell me what you think

    I'm somewhat new to this site and would love to know how the ladies feel about my cock
  7. M

    New Black BF

    Hello, I have a new black boyfriend and I am wondering on advise on how I should expect the sex to be?
  8. R

    Very Mixed Feelings!

    Overview, I’m still pretty new to this and haven’t shared my girlfriend yet. She is very sexual and sensual, she’s spiritual and loves that element of sex as well. We have awesome sex together but do a long distance relationship (until I move in probably a year) so we only see each other every...
  9. sphlover


    hello, i'm "m," a single 22 y/o british pakistani muslim exploring the lifestyle. I'm relatively new to this journey and hail from the preston lancashire area. i'm not a bull but i'm a cuck, and i'm interested in connecting with a hotwife. could you please advise me on how to verify myself?
  10. Huge Black cock - Amateur Interracial Porn.mp4

    Huge Black cock - Amateur Interracial Porn.mp4

    Anyone knows her the name?
  11. mixedbbc20

    Moving to Texas

    22 yo here moving from ky to tx looking for people to show me around the area👀🤔😊
  12. 30G

    New to all of this!

    Hiya, Young(ish) couple from London UK who are very new to all of this, and would just like to see where it takes us x
  13. A


  14. Lordxgrant

    19, 10in Black Bull in UK, and Atlanta USA

    hey guys , 19, 10in bull here. STEM student. Pansexual. Just checking this forum out. Love to cuck husbands, breed sissies etc..;) Check out my twitter - lordxgrantt Reddit - u/lordxgrantt
  15. O

    Married couple taking baby steps

    Hi everyone. The wife and I are very excited to join you all here at last (long term lurkers). We've plucked up the courage to make our fantasies a little bit more real. We're taking baby steps but are aching to get involved. We're both in our early thirties and get very very excited daily...
  16. Bwc234

    Trying to find a bull

  17. kingcc

    new to binghamton ny M 31 BBC

    hey im new to this platform and im also new to binghamton new york but im into a multitude of activities im always ready for fun and games i make my own content and sometimes i do live webcamming also looking for couples to join i really enjoy a nice pink piece of pussy my snap is @rocco_shmocco...
  18. M

    New 40s cuck couple

    40s couple just started to look after talking about it on and off for years. Husband is a 5inch beta and wife is a thick white woman that has never had bbc.
  19. HeyItsEricaB

    Hey, I'm Erica.

    Hey, I didn’t plan on posting on here but I’ve gotten a few messages so I felt like I should introduce myself and say why I am here and answer some of the common questions I am getting to avoid disappointing people further lol. I am Erica (my real name) and I am 21 (about to be 22!) My pfp is...
  20. Dummynutting

    South Padre Island Thick Curvy Latina

    Hi, this is going to be mine and my fiancés first time, but we’re looking for a thick and long BBC for next weekend ( March 10-12 ). Please help us entice and look forward to this new lifestyle.