1. T

    New to this

    Hello. I'll tell you my story and hope to get some advice here. My name is Carlos, I'm 37 years old and I've been married for 5 years to Helena, 33. Altogether, we already have more than 10 years of relationship. We have a traditional relationship, very different from what I observed in this...
  2. F


    Hi guys We a couple. New to lifestyle. Looking at chatting and swapping pics. Wud love to be somebody’s sissy bitch. My Woman needs encouragement. Big fan of Bbcs. DM me
  3. She said yes

    How deep?

    I’ll tell u how deep I got the dildo And how deep would you go!
  4. C

    Curious white boy..

    Very good looking curious white boy in Michigan would like to see another cock in person for the first time. :) Very new to this, very curious. Show me what you got. Good looking, White, blue eyes, 6ft. I'm 7" but I know there are much bigger guys out there. Just wanted to say hello.
  5. NewCuck89

    Think she's ready

    Hello, we are new to this and looking for tips on finding bbc. She has finally built up the courage to play but dont know where to start.
  6. K

    Greetings to all thinking people

    I guess it would be good if I introduce myself. My name is Kate, 18 years old, location doesnt matter. I'm here for my own reasons, would be glad to talk to those who are interested. Wish you best.
  7. B

    Soft Cuckolding

    Hello, So I'm like cuckolding on the porn side of things but in real life I don't. I do however like things when I'm asked to give oral after sex and stuff like that. I'm looking for a way to intorduce more cuckolding-ish things to my wife. If anyone has any suggestions if appreciate it!
  8. AllenLez

    Were are the Florida Milfs/Cougars at?

    Any Milfs , Cougars , or matures in the central florida area looking to meet or chat?
  9. AllenLez

    what would you do..

    Looking in Florida
  10. NCYoungBBC

    Verified Verify

  11. sexyarabia

    a new member

    hey guys how you doing all ? i am new here.....
  12. Stevestrokes

    30yr old living in Jersey

    What's going on everyone? Let me introduce myself I'm a young black man living in the state of New Jersey 30yr 5'6 height 142 lbs With tons of tattoos if you are into that type of thing. I'm on here just to explore meet new people and possibly have fun if it came down to that. I'm very clean...
  13. Travelers4BBC

    Verified Please verify us

    Please verify
  14. she4BBC

    Sexy british girlfriend seeks first experience

    Hi, my girlfriend has decided to take our BBC fantasy to the next level. I introduced dirty talk into our sex lives about her being fucked by a BBC around 6 months ago and then bought her a 9 inch black dildo which she used to make herself cum while watching porn. I have cuckold tendancies, but...
  15. latianahotwife

    Hello let me know what you think

  16. Philthymoves

    BBC New from Denver area

    Pretty much just made an account.... But I will be VERY active in this community. Working on my bio, but if you want to know more message me... Always free.
  17. M

    SoFLo Guy

    Hey all, Hoping to find some friends and fun!
  18. T

    New to site

    Hey everyone, im Toni, I'm new to this site here and I want to get my girlfriend blacked as I think it'll be the hottest thing possible. A few years ago I thought black cock in white pussy was the sexiest thing ever and now I want that for my girlfriend. If anyone would like to help or give me...
  19. CuckToBeInWV

    Hey everyone. Hopeful cuck in WV

    I'm a divorced male in my 40s. Never done this in real life yet, but really do want to. I started getting interested in interracial porn close to 20 years ago. First the pictures on the net. Then the little 10-15 second clips. Lots of masturbation material. Got divorced in the early 2000s...