Nerdy pawg sucking my bbc
  2. Comic con

    Comic con

  3. H

    Any Michigan Ladies or couples around?

    Any Michigan Ladies or couples around clio or flint looking for some fun...😉 A huge plus if you are older (want to experience my first older woman)
  4. H

    Looking to travel

    Looking to travel and have some fun , older women is a plus but looking for some nasty fun
  5. Nerd sucking bbc

    Nerd sucking bbc

    Mr Senkay throat FUCKS nerd
  6. HarryPotterFan Rides Nimbus2k.mp4

    HarryPotterFan Rides Nimbus2k.mp4

  7. C

    Gamer girls

    Post gamer girls, nerds, cos-players, tattooed etc!
  8. Riri came back for more

    Riri came back for more

    Sexy nerdy Riri said she can't get enough....... so I gave her more
  9. Sexy little nerdy nympho

    Sexy little nerdy nympho

    She wanted to play with big toys
  10. C

    Femdom vs Maledom Cuckolding

    I've spent a great deal of time thinking about my fetish (or overthinking.) It seems like most of the cucks out there are into what I would call traditional "femdom cuckolding" where the wife is dominant and she controls/humiliates the husband. But there is a second kind of cuckolding, what I...
  11. C0004.mp4


    Met Sexy little Riri and her boyfriend. He held the camera while I gave her what she was craving. Who else wants to introduce your lady to my pleasures?
  12. CC2744E6-84EE-4013-AE42-355731F1EFB2.jpeg


    Need someone to see I’m wand picks them
  13. K

    Still Seeking South Florida

    The struggle with finding someone is real haha. As in my earlier posts, I'm a nerdy black male in gaming, comics, movies and more, seeking friends or even a relationship. I'd like to see where things go especially if we're into the same things. Possibly make me all yours. I'd like to be more...
  14. K

    Nerdy BBC in South FL For White Woman

    Hey hey! 25 and black nerd in Broward County, Florida. Seeking a white woman interested in friends or dating. I enjoy video games and anime along with comics and cosplay. Lets talk!
  15. K

    Black Nerd for White

    Hi! I may be a rare case on this site, but I'd like to at least talk about myself a bit. I'm in south Florida, I'm on the awkward side. My hobbies include gaming, anime, cars, and comics. I also cosplay time to time. I'd love to talk with more of you about yourselves especially if you are into...
  16. J

    Mixed BBC looking

    Joined a while back, but wasn't active. I am a 26 year old mixed black dude, a bit nerdy, based in San Diego area. 6'2". 7.75in cock, thick. If anyone's interested to chat we can exchange info. Have a nice day! Ask questions if curious.
  17. Body Shot

    Body Shot

    My body type. If anyone was curious.
  18. Oiled Cock Part 2

    Oiled Cock Part 2

    Lubed up with some coconut oil. I heard it's great for cooking too. Who wants a taste?
  19. Oiled Cock Part 1

    Oiled Cock Part 1

    Lubed up with some coconut oil. I heard it's great for cooking too. Who wants a taste?
  20. Toramizu

    Nerdy, Long BBC in Georgia

    Your average guy, but I'm actually a slighty than your normally average nerd that plays video games, and commonly exercises. All those i do on a daily basis, so you could say those are my real hobbies. Stats: Black 21 years old 6 ft tall 10 inch dick Interested in: White and Asians :) kik...