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    Discoman fucks white slut

  2. BlacqGold

    Seeking Ivory Queen In Philadelphia area

    Alpha type personality blackmale 6ft 260lbs 35 single no kids or bullshit seeking white queen (married or single) for dating and LTR. Not looking for just sex i want an actual relationship. Cuckcold couples can reply to. I cant travel so if your in or around thw Philadelphia area you must come to me
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    What If She Falls In Love With Her Bull?

    What happens when all the fucking becomes making love? Has this happened to any cucks? Have any of the women experienced this? I've had a cuckoldress fall in love with me before. The husband made sure we never slept together again.
  4. Louise and Alex

    Louise and Alex

  5. couple88

    Lover for hotwife

    Hello We are from Switzerland and this week in Miami, we look for a very well-hung lover bull. she is 28 years old and sporty. Our English is not very good. announces you best with a picture then it goes faster.
  6. C

    Cuckold aus KS sucht...

    Hi, ich komme aus KS und bin auf der Suche nach einer Sie, die meinen Faible zu schätzen weiß und in einer cuckold Beziehung leben möchte. Andereseits suche ich auch Austausch zu diesem Thema..cuckolding, sissy (fagott) und Erziehung. Gibt es andere Männer aus meiner Region, die ebenfalls auf...