1. uaintseeme

    Nude Beach Night Party - Yokosuka, Japan 5/24

    We're going to a beach at night in Yokosuka, Japan and just wanna have other couples around us while we fuck. The weather is supposed to be good and the skies are clear. There's a secluded spot on this beach where people never go at night. We will be the only ones there. We will strip completely...
  2. D

    Looking for BBC in Japan - Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto

    We are a married couple in their late 20's, and we are looking for a big dick for my wife who absolutely loves big and girthy cock (BBC specifically), we are currently on holiday in Japan until 28th of March. She is thick and curvy with G cup tits, so if you measure up we would love to meet...
  3. wakeupcarlo

    Anybody here in Japan?

    I will be in Japan starting from the end of March to February 2024, and I was wondering if anybody here lives in Japan? I’m a black man, and I was wondering if any woman/couple wanted to make plans for when I get there. Or I was wondering if any one could point me in a direction for when I’m...
  4. SexyCoupleTYO

    Any bulls in Tokyo?

    We are couple, mixed straight male and Japanese straight woman in our 40ties. We are global-minded international business professionals, looking for a charming and intellectual/military type of bf/bull. We're not really experienced so we are looking for an experienced person. She's a classy...
  5. Ms, Brazil has her first BBC 3 Some

    Ms, Brazil has her first BBC 3 Some

    And she owned it!
  6. Ayyye Carumbaaaa!

    Ayyye Carumbaaaa!

    Getting ready to get busted down by me and a friend. This Brazilian woman is really becoming more and more comfortable in her sexuality and seeks to challenge herself whenever possible
  7. 2D27D647-BCF2-4F13-9773-C8341C2C26AE.jpeg


    Nothing like hard, cold dick on a hot day to satisfy your thirst.
  8. BBC vs Brazil

    BBC vs Brazil

    Hadn’t seen her in quite a long time. She drove 2 hours and paid a hell of a lot in tolls to get to Tokyo where I already had the hotel room booked, drinks, food and a hard dick just waiting for her. Give and take; this is what relationships are about.
  9. Freaky Japanese Milf rides BBC like crazy.

    Freaky Japanese Milf rides BBC like crazy.

    Sometimes you gotta let them get on top, sit back and just enjoy the ride.
  10. Bathroom sex 2

    Bathroom sex 2

  11. Bathroom sex in Japan

    Bathroom sex in Japan

  12. Head in the bathroom

    Head in the bathroom

  13. BackShots_Japan


    She was so much fun while I was in Japan 🤤. I almost fell in love 😩.
  14. jewbro

    Asian women going black

    I think Asian women need to experience BBC the most, since they have been deprived of normal cock sizes for centuries. Let's post Asian women surrendering to mighty BIG black cock.
  15. IMG_1478.mp4


  16. Wahwahwah17

    BBC in Japan

    I’m in Japan near the Kanagawa Prefecture. I’m enjoying myself here and hopefully I can enjoy a little more. If anyone if looking for BBC , I’m one of the few lol
  17. Wahwahwah17

    In japan. Any women want BBC?

    I’m in Japan near the Kanagawa Prefecture. I’m enjoying myself here and hopefully I can enjoy a little more. If anyone if looking for BBC , I’m one of the few lol.
  18. M

    New here! Anyone in Japan? (Black men only)

    So tired of covid now!😩 Anyway i’m looking for people who whants to chat. As it is now i can’t travel. My plan is to look for Aupair jobs in the states🙏🙏
  19. Hicontrastlvr

    Experienced BBC In Japan

    Hello and happy new year. Been on the site for some years now but not active here. Im a Black American Gentleman in my mid 40’s. Well preserved and healthy. Most people think I’m in my early 30s. Very well educated and successful. Have enjoyed being a BBC bull for going on 20 years now...
  20. Balls Appreciation Day

    Balls Appreciation Day