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  1. P

    How do I make my gf be more mean to me?

    Showing some progress, she's doing a lot of SPH, calls my dick a little pencil, sings me short dick man during it, called me a faggot twice. But that's only during SPH sessions, afterwards she tells me she's just doing it in order to please me and that my dick is ok size (it's really not, she's...
  2. S

    How To Talk To Your Wife

  3. B

    How to tell if a PAWG is a snowbunny

    Leggings hugging that fat ass, Long nails, hoop earrings, slides — 9 times outta 10, a pawg with these accessories will take down a bbc guaranteed. Anybody else spots these chix in public and immediately thinks snowbunny ?
  4. VixenxStag4BBC

    How to convince your wife/girlfriend to cuckhold you.

    So you want the girl you love to welcome a strong black man into your bedroom and watch them make sweet, rough, love? Lucky for you cucky, This day and age is the best time in recent history to get your wife/girlfriend to start cheating on you with a black king Hint: Refer to black men as...
  5. blackandkinky

    How to bring up the cuckold / bbc topic with your gf / wife

    Posted(unedited) with permission from the original author, Nat aka "blacked2blacked". I am NOT a cuck but I enjoy their wives from time to time and this advice might help some of you on your journey: "I am often asked on how my fiancé and I got to talk about the lifestyle we are in . Well for...
  6. S

    How to find a new partner online

    Early 20s couple of swingers trying to get into the lifestyle but not sure how everyone here goes about finding new people. So far blacktowhite, doublelist and fetlife seem to fit the bill. Any other good sites? How do you approach testing and vetting bulls before setting up meetups? Do you pay...
  7. How to get your wife/gf blacked

    How to get your wife/gf blacked

    A little tutorial for those not sure how to convert their wifes to BBC
  8. TwoLoversInWNY

    Dr. Dawn Michaels' Cuckoldry Therapy Playlist

    Cuckold Therapy: Her videos aren't always polished, but it's real talk from a sex therapist. How to come out to your wife, exploring the Cuckold's psychology, etc.
  9. Got2

    The Black Bull-A field guide in dealing with Couples

    Recently, BigBlackBull 76 created a thread aimed at couples, especially Cucks, to help them understand and get involved with Interracial Cuckolding.