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  1. sharingduo

    How to find a new partner online

    Early 20s couple of swingers trying to get into the lifestyle but not sure how everyone here goes about finding new people. So far blacktowhite, doublelist and fetlife seem to fit the bill. Any other good sites? How do you approach testing and vetting bulls before setting up meetups? Do you pay...
  2. How to get your wife/gf blacked

    How to get your wife/gf blacked

    A little tutorial for those not sure how to convert their wifes to BBC
  3. TwoLoversInWNY

    Dr. Dawn Michaels' Cuckoldry Therapy Playlist

    Cuckold Therapy: Her videos aren't always polished, but it's real talk from a sex therapist. How to come out to your wife, exploring the Cuckold's psychology, etc.
  4. Got2

    The Black Bull-A field guide in dealing with Couples

    Recently, BigBlackBull 76 created a thread aimed at couples, especially Cucks, to help them understand and get involved with Interracial Cuckolding.