1. ‘Tis the reason to feel Horny!

    ‘Tis the reason to feel Horny!

  2. F

    BBC in Paris

    Hi there, Looking for some fun in Paris during your holidays? Hook up with the right BBC. I also work in a hotel in Paris for those looking for a place to stay. Hit me up for exciting and kinky moments...
  3. H

    Cuckold vacation in Turkey

    Hi, What would you say about a cuckold while on vacation in one of *****Allinclusive Hotels in Kemer, Turkey from May 5, 2022 to May 15, 2022? Hotwife needs Big Black Cock (-:BBC;-). If you want to fuck a Very Hot Wife during the holidays in front of her cuckold husband and you have a...
  4. BBCBBC.jpeg


    A small party in our hotel room in Cap d Agde with two great BBCs
  5. T

    28yo hotwife on holidays in mallorca

    Hi there. Couple here. 33yo cuck, 28yo wife. We ll be on holidays in mallorca in first half September. We are looking for an attractive bull for some fun.
  6. Alicebitch

    Help and tell us please, the best place for this three-week summer vacation for three

    Hello good night all black friends We, my two female friends and I, a friend, recommended us to return to Jamaica. Two years ago, we were in Negril, now he recommends us to go further north of the island, to Montego Bay. We want to know new areas or countries, in Negril, lots of fun, and...
  7. Undisclosed VV

    What are best holiday/vacation destination for bulls?

    Hello everyone. This is my first thread on this site and not 100% sure if this is the right place to make this thread here. Anyways I created this thread as in the past someone created a thread on the best location for couples/white ladies holiday destination for some cuckhold/bull action...
  8. Avec un ami...

    Avec un ami...

    Elle aime les marocains...
  9. B

    When in vacation, do you simply let black men approach you or do make the move on them?

    Genuine curiosity question. We never went on a vacation to a country where the majority of the population is black. Do you simply wait for black men to approach you (maybe trying to lure them by using a bikini thong?) or you do you actively try to flirt with them and go from there? Which of...
  10. B

    Which countries (for vacations) are commonly known for black locals to have sex with white women?

    My wife and I have the fantasy of sharing her with black men. She never done this before (with anyone, as a matter of fact) and she is definitely a shy person. Due to this reason, this doesn't feel like searching for black guys in our city or around because, yeah, life, work, etc. She would...
  11. Alicebitch

    Deceptive and naughty wives. We are many?

    With respect to me, if I am a hot wife that I put the horns to my husband, when I have the opportunity, If I am on the beach and he is not there, I often let myself be seduced and see how that unknown bull looks at me with desire for sex, makes my feelings of hot slut, drag me to leave with the...
  12. MisterPussyPleaser

    Ladies post your naughty Santa's helper pics here for BBC

  13. Realhunt

    sexy Halloween outfits

    What's up i know y'all sexy women have some sexy Halloween outfits...can a brother see some treats