1. Convincing her hot friend to suck a Fat Black Cock!

    Convincing her hot friend to suck a Fat Black Cock!

    A Hot brunette convinces another hot brunette to finally suck a Big Black dick
  2. VannyDWT

    German Crossdresser

    Hey everyone. I am nee to this Size and Hope to meet real contacts, friends and opportunities. Most of all lewd real fun. No online texterotic stuff please. I look for actual hookups. I live in Bielefeld / Germany, I am 27, educated, Naughty, chilled and Not a Person of pressure. Some people...
  3. B

    For those who want to dream

    Fun in the bun
  4. S

    My Updated Stories & Dates with White (Girls / MILFS / Wives / or Singles)

    Gonna miss this place @Barcelona with my Friend Franka (Single)
  5. Classmate


    A old classmate from college came in town to visit some family....
  6. received_1659643104121396.jpeg


  7. sergey99


    Did you fantasy about your friends wife with black bull? Because me and my wife helped to my friends wife to taste real cock. What do you think? Do you have some experience?
  8. CuriousBlake

    Girlfriend's Friends...

    Both of my girlfriend's best friends are dating black men... Yesterday she was telling me that her and her friend were talking about BBC and her friend shared how great it is and how much bigger her black boyfriend is. My girlfriend was shocked that according to her friend, this guy can only...
  9. interracial-lover

    ladies be honest, would this work if a guy tried this in abar/ night club, why or why not?

    you see two girls dancing next to each other they are friends and you have a crush on one of them, what do you say? Maybe I'd ask her friend "confusing her to another person". It's an old and bad trick, but maybe it might work. That way maybe there is a chat. Just come up with a random name like...
  10. Luckyhusband11

    Happy, Fun, and Loving Married Couple

    We are happy, fun, clean, married, and very secure. We are not completely new to the lifestyle but had to move a few years ago and lost contact with our two regular friends. Hoping to meet some happy, fun loving, clean well hung black men for friendship and meets. Also he would like to chat with...
  11. K

    Hello all need love as I am

    Hello people .. I am hear in this site from 1 long year nearly happy from that time , but I am alone , single, dont know is it wrong to have so intense love towards sex .. searching my like people to chat and meet but all are avoiding me since I am into all type of lifestyle . That may me from...
  12. Sirgodiva

    Looking for friendship first

    jist like the title says I'm looking to build lifetime friendships with women or couples. If the chemistry is right the sex will always be good. Just my experience. If your looking for a hit it and quit it situation than I'm not the guy for you. Please be close to NY or will travel to NY as I...
  13. bellnyc

    anyone have a friend (girl) of Wife/GF that helps get them laid?

    my Fiances newly single friend is the only one that knows i give my girl passes. she is recently intrigued and currently helping find guys for my Fiance to suck/fuck while she records. its so fuckin exciting just curious if anone else has something like this.
  14. nvestn

    Promotion Last Night

    Don't usually post however, this was an interesting night. During an event last night and after all vendors and entertainment had been confirmed and checked in I went on my rounds. During these rounds I do the usual marketing, promoting and greeting people. As I walked into any area which seated...
  15. Jacob reed

    Just a question for everyone

    We are wondering something so please help us out. Just opinions no right or wrong How many people agree with us that a black man should be able to come up to you and say I want to cum, and he can say it to either or both and without question you know it's going to happen? The reason for the...
  16. Redmanuk

    Re introduction

    Hi again.. Its been a while since i was here, but hey i am back now so why not come say hello and lets get the show really on the road.. If your wife wants some black cock or just wants to socialise and roleplay then come and say hello.. London based but can travel.
  17. bellnyc

    Pics of ex

  18. bellnyc

    Gf to get friends to record

    just texting with my Gf about which of her friends know I let her cheat and which would record and take pictures of her cheating for me, apparently they have all witnessed her fucking. Im excited for whats to come when her friend moves back by us.