1. queenmum92

    BBC training going well

  2. LA 4 BBC

    First time taking BBC in my ass

    I had always been curious about exploring my sexuality and trying new things, and one night I found myself in a situation where I was able to do just that. I had been chatting with a guy online for a few weeks, and we had been flirting and getting to know each other. He was a big, muscular black...
  3. belicoso69

    First Time Sucking a BBC

    I was in a relationship with only one guy when I wanted to suck bbc for the first time. We already broke up with him then. I can't say I was obsessed with sucking bbc stories back then. I had no idea what it was. When I was in a relationship, I gained sexual experience and sucking cock. I can...
  4. M

    New Black BF

    Hello, I have a new black boyfriend and I am wondering on advise on how I should expect the sex to be?
  5. I got so excited for the first time seeing my bulls cock and when I saw how big it was I actually gulped out loud 😅

    I got so excited for the first time seeing my bulls cock and when I saw how big it was I actually gulped out loud 😅

    I was so excited at first, and then when I took his towel off I had a mix of nerves in there too because I knew how stretched out I was about to be
  6. H

    I’ve never seen her like this!!

    So after years of training, fucking my wife with BBC dildos, watching IR porn and her finally agreeing to trying a real BBC. We’ve found the right guy. After setting a date for late August, considering he lives out of state, multiple emails, phone calls and facetimes. Yesterday we bought his...
  7. J

    A good start?

    My wife and I are both early twenties. She’s never been with anyone but me and is had a conservative family growing up. She’s still pretty innocent. I got her vibrator on her and started talking about how hot it was to watch her pussy get used by the vibrator and how much I liked it. She had...
  8. T

    First BBC, need tips

    Part 1: Husband here…. So we have always fantasized about her taking a BBC. It’s been a few years since we’ve been toying around and fantasizing about the idea and each time we talk about it, it gets more intense and feels more real and exciting(even) after we both climax…. She’s always had a...
  9. Another NYC couple reached out to me about a first hotwife experience.

    Another NYC couple reached out to me about a first hotwife experience.

    They mentioned that they had been talking about it for a while so I gave them an introduction to it.
  10. Happy Birthday Brittany Part 2

    Happy Birthday Brittany Part 2

    I love fulfilling women’s darkest fantasies … Below Is a detailed journal written by HER of how we got here 🖤♠️ The energy is real
  11. Boss_daughter.MOV


    Fucking my boss *******. Her first BBC He’ll ******* me 😬😈 Check out the longer version and all my hot content here
  12. no1lnk (1).mp4

    no1lnk (1).mp4

    My wife xHotWifex with her first, favourite and only black cock so far.. Sorry about the darkness. The sound should make up for lack of visuals xx
  13. R

    How the typical white college girl gets introduced to BBC

    Most white girls come from sheltered suburban upbringings, many growing up in areas where there just aren't that many black guys and interracial dating was never a thing. Once a white girl arrives on a public university with thousands of students from diverse areas the whole dynamic changes...
  14. YoungNewCouple

    New UK, Kent Couple for their first BBC Cuckold Experience.

    New UK, Kent Couple for their first BBC Cuckold Experience - so please be gentle with us lol. We can accommodate and travel. Please check out our profile and get in touch with us asap. We are looking to build relationships and meet fast! Thanks sexy guys x
  15. Boudica

    Me and my crave to get my 19yr old Gf to try her first real BBC

  16. T

    snowbunny girlfriend

    Hey. I been talking to my girlfriend about possibly becoming a snowbunny and cuckolding me with bbc. But she's not into bbc as much as I thought she'd be. She says I'm "enough" and I'm just under 6".. any ideas on how to get her to be more of a size queen? And more specifically how to get her...
  17. X

    My 22 yo gf

    she'd love to chat and as importantly - see your cocks! i'm 6 inches but she wants bigger. i cum too quickly. if you do decide to chat , you will be speaking to her - im simply introducing, its all her from now on.