1. YoungNewCouple

    New UK, Kent Couple for their first BBC Cuckold Experience.

    New UK, Kent Couple for their first BBC Cuckold Experience - so please be gentle with us lol. We can accommodate and travel. Please check out our profile and get in touch with us asap. We are looking to build relationships and meet fast! Thanks sexy guys x
  2. T

    snowbunny girlfriend

    Hey. I been talking to my girlfriend about possibly becoming a snowbunny and cuckolding me with bbc. But she's not into bbc as much as I thought she'd be. She says I'm "enough" and I'm just under 6".. any ideas on how to get her to be more of a size queen? And more specifically how to get her...
  3. X

    My 22 yo gf

    she'd love to chat and as importantly - see your cocks! i'm 6 inches but she wants bigger. i cum too quickly. if you do decide to chat , you will be speaking to her - im simply introducing, its all her from now on.