1. QoSandCuck

    Feminization or not?

    I woukd love to hear from the ladies and the Bulls on the topic of feminizing the cucky. I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand he hates it, and I delight in getting him to submit, embrace and surrender to activities he does not want at first. So much fun! I am concerned about how I...
  2. djfeldmatt

    Tuesday Morning BBC- NYC

    If there are any big alpha bulls in NYC who want to get smoked up with incredible weed this morning (9/18), get life-changing head, and have a bubble butt to cum inside when they're ready, I'm a feminine little sissy boy hosting in Murray Hill area. I've had a few daddies before, and they tell...
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    Sucking 11 inches of superior black cock

    Can you to how addicted I am?
  4. cdhailey

    Sucking cock for Mistress

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  5. Andresclaudia

    Feminization of hubby by master orders

    Can you feminization your hubby??
  6. cuckboi206

    Wife / Girlfriend's control over Husband / Boyfriend

    This is intended for the wives and girlfriends of cuckold's. I am curious for those who entered the lifestyle do you prefer to have a cuck who is submissive or remain an equal? Did this lifestyle influence you as a wife or girlfriend to control or feminize your cuck?
  7. DonnieG

    Seeking to be sexually dominated by Girl or couple

    I want to find that cute, sexy, hit girl that is dominant to me, but submissive to her lovers. I want her to feminize me, peg me, and get me ready to be sexually domnated by her lover, watch him take my manhood to be a faithful loving husband or boyfriend Hwho is made to then that I sexually...
  8. C

    Goddess wanted

    I want to worship you and your pussy. I want to clean your cream pie. I want to sniff your wet panties. I want you to peg me and humiliate me. I want to wait on your every whim and do anything you demand. N
  9. sissy marcia1

    owner wanted

    im a sexually submissive white male in north central wv. im looking for a black man or men to totally feminize me and train me to be a 24/7 slut for their use. anyone interested please email me at sissymarcia1@gmail.com