1. Throat 🐐

    Throat 🐐

    Things got a little messy.
  2. IMG_4549.mov


    Throat GOAT
  3. B

    UPDATE - Officially a BBC Queen!!!

    Going back to white boys
  4. Facefuck.mp4


    Willingly serving BBC, with our house guest in the next room.😉 she heard us..🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤫🤔😜😛😘♠️🔥
  5. DFCBE440-D906-4AE5-8811-3322EA3ECBD9.mov


    Milf loves to ******* on my bbc whose next
  6. Upside Down Throat

    Upside Down Throat

    I wanted to make her throat bulge but she couldn’t take it all in
  7. J

    Got gangbanged by one of my wifes Bulls and his friends last night.

    Last night I was supposed to meet with one of my wifes bulls that was in town alone because she had plans with family that she could not get out of. She offered to send me in her place and he was all for it but wanted me dressed up sexy/slutty. My wife went through all her stuff and found me a...
  8. B

    Looking for adventure in Alabam!

    Hello I'm new to the site and still looking for that hot wife who's in need of some BBC! Is there any women in Alabama?
  9. R

    Rhiannon slurps on her first Big Black Cock

    I woke up with a smile on my face. What a night last night had been. I’d been at a house party, and Rhiannon had called me out of the blue and told me to come upstairs. I did – my heart pounding as I found her in the bedroom on the left. She stood there hand on hip, mousey brown hair, beautiful...
  10. Luv that black guy face fucking that slut

    Luv that black guy face fucking that slut

    White girl's mouth and black dick go together like peanut butter and jelly
  11. Blowjob


    I had to take over her mouth
  12. Rawwnee

    Need a White girl sex slave

    I am a Black king in Fort Pierce, FL and need a White cum slut in my life.
  13. Blackjay

    First thoughts !! What I would do to that!!

    We've all walked down the street and laid our eyes on a Hott piece and thought damn what I would do to that... Post your little slut and let's see what others first thoughts would be!! I'll be glad to Start! Everyone's comments welcome!!
  14. Facefucked a submissive slut

    Facefucked a submissive slut