dirty talk

  1. ApexCode

    Hot Videos of Couples roleplay Discussing Cuckold

    im looking for videos where either the gf or bf ( hubby or wife ) suggest, talk about, discuss, prepare or convince the idea of cuckolding or swinging, i have some decent examples here: https://www.blacktowhite.net/media/talking-about-it.47030/...
  2. D

    Texas BBC new to the site

    New here looking to meet some beautiful ladys, and couples, in the texas area that are down with having a good time.
  3. Naughty blonde cougar loves doggystyle

    Naughty blonde cougar loves doggystyle

  4. Love hearing when hotwife talk dirty

    Love hearing when hotwife talk dirty

  5. B


    In exploring my sexual side I've been doing some roleplay sex scenes. It's nothing wild and imaginative as it's the intimacy and sweet/dirty talk is what I crave. However I never seem to get responses from black guys. When I did the sessions were hot and steamy. So just wanted to know if there...
  6. Y

    Dirty talking videos

    Hey guys, I love videos where a=the black man has a dirty mouth and likes to talk a lot while fucking a beautiful white girl. Anyone got some dirty talking videos they'd like to post or have links to some? I think there's nothing hotter then a Black man who has a filthy mouth and knows how to...
  7. M

    caption and photoshop my beautiful GF

    Please give it a try and show her your dirtiest skills guys
  8. extravurt

    Things she says when she's at having sex at home...

    A big part of this, for us, is the dirty mouth she has during sex with me (hubby). When we make love, I can fuck for hours. When she opens her filthy mouth, I can barely last minutes: "I want a massive black cock in me now" "I'll never be satisfied with this cock" "I want a black cock to cum...
  9. B

    Irish and love sex and am single...

    Ever just want to play with no strings or ropes attached except the type you enjoy? If your female you have a good start to meet me but hope your from northern California. All women who want to just chat get in touch. We can exchange fetishes in some lusty conversation that will get me looking...
  10. Delightful wife, love her dirty talk

    Delightful wife, love her dirty talk

    This is fact, BBC will fuck all time our white wife like a slut and we will just look at