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  1. dickssex

    Say something about my wife. And follow if you like her

    We are young married couple here . 24 male and 24 Female . My great desired were ,whenever I will marry someone I will give her freedom to everything even in Sexual boundaries and still my desires are same , once before getting married I fought with my wife because she was not responding and was...
  2. Bullpaki

    Muslim Bi-Sub Couples

    Hi everyone. I am just curious as i have a few bi-sub muslim couples here in my country a few of which i have been dating. I being there bull and trust me it is rising. How is it western countries? Have any of you met bi or bi-sub muslim couples? Regards
  3. S

    my unaware young wife to be

    i have a fantasy to get her into sharing one day. shes prude and bit shy
  4. S

    my unaware asian wife to be

    i wish to see her with other one day.
  5. S

    my young wife to be

    i want to be a cuck one day and want to see her with others
  6. B

    Any Indian,pakistani,bengali or middle eastern couple or a girl looking for a guy?

    Please contact me. I am an educated ,clean, hygienic and decent guy with very good manners and I guarantee we will have great time together not just behind close doors but even if we chill outside...
  7. N

    Couple exploring cuckoldry in India

    Hello, We are a very shy couple from India who have recently discovered their new found love for cuckold and interracial porn. We simply find it very exciting to see a man whit a huge big black cock, pleasure women in ways an average guy like me can never do. It would be amazing, if we could...
  8. M

    Need gf to be fucked

    Me and my gf have been together for 4 years we started having sex 2 years ago. Our sex life is ok now it used to be great. I just cum in her too fast in her. So I need some guy who take cares of himself n has a nice thick cock. I would love to see her fucked without a condom but due to stds I...
  9. P

    Delhi based Indian wannabe cuckold

    We are a hot Couple based in Delhi, India. Looking for a hot White or Black guy from Europe or Americas to meet and introduce us to cuckolding
  10. samjake

    My petite wife to be

    looking forward to share her when I come to US this summer. how nasty you can be with her?
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