cum on face

  1. HansWurst1974

    Where should he cum? Old questions, final answers?

    I know there are old and often asked quastions, and maybe there will never be enough answers... But i also will ask them: Ladys, where do you like it, if your black lover cums? Here, i often read inside pussy or ass. But what about a cumshot on your breasts or in your mouth? Or do you like it...
  2. ThoNi

    Cumming on snowbunnies' faces

    Bulls! What's the special thrill about cumming on white girls' faces? Nearly all black guys we know like to fill up white cunts, but ALL of them enjoy to spit their cum on our white faces. Why?
  3. cum dump 1

    cum dump 1

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    cum dump 2

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    Cum dump 3