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  1. Second load of the night from her boss

    Second load of the night from her boss

    I cleaned the second load up and then left them to it, listened from the spare room and fell asleep to her moans
  2. Legs spread bbc between them

    Legs spread bbc between them

    Her bossher fucked for about 4 hours
  3. -1036167272863642821.mp4


    My Bull’s BBC OWNS this pussy! Hubby tried to object but we ignore him lol
  4. Look into my eyes

    Look into my eyes

    Loved the way she looked at me sucking his balls
  5. First wedding anniversary

    First wedding anniversary

    It was a night of many firsts, 2 bbc, DP, DV, anal, multiple squirting orgasms, creampie and cleanup. Love the contrast of colours, and red nail varnish
  6. Love the lipstick

    Love the lipstick

    I know how good that feels
  7. me 2 fireplace041.jpg

    me 2 fireplace041.jpg

    Following Her Upstairs
  8. 20120929_32 - LAF.jpg

    20120929_32 - LAF.jpg

    Just Warming Up.............
  9. Owned by black bull

    Owned by black bull

    Delighted! A present from my bull, to prove that I am his. I ordered cuck to put it in🤘😈
  10. img025@@.jpg


    Up the stairs at a party....
  11. img20180504_16420548.jpg


    Wife flash
  12. Hotwife pet Training 🐶🔗

    Hotwife pet Training 🐶🔗

    Met this sexy young wife RIGHT HERE on b2w! Owned her for about a year. Trained her to do anything I wanted - including dress up like a little doggy 🐶 Watch her beg for Daddy Snacks👅 DM for details full length video, it's a wild one!
  13. Cumming HARD in his Wife!

    Cumming HARD in his Wife!

    It's All About That Booty action and that hip thrust 💥💪🏾... when I'm about to blast a huge nut and I feel it coming... trust me it's going deep deep, DEEP in you!😈♠️
  14. danilol

    Wife's First Cuckold Date

    My first marriage fell apart because my wife didn't accept me. I've been into cuckold for a long time, but she flatly refused to try it. Then gradually we divorced. I remarried a couple of years later to a young woman Ann, I was 43, and she was 25. She was obsessed with sex. I didn’t even do...
  15. Keep him close for cleanup

    Keep him close for cleanup

  16. Spread wide

    Spread wide

    Wife never spreads them that far for me but i aint complaing
  17. Natural is best

    Natural is best

    Love seeing her pussy wet from BBC
  18. J

    Bull looking hot wife in Clemson SC

    Any wife in Clemson area in south Carolina
  19. All night fucking

    All night fucking

    They started around 8pm, she as gone into double figures with squirting orgasms, never seen her fuck like this, this short vid was about 3am in morning, and she was in a state of sexual excasty, so hot to watch her, with the odd short break for a *******//smoke they fucked till just before noon
  20. Foreplay begins

    Foreplay begins

    She loves foreplay to get her wet and i love watching