cuckold wife

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  2. S

    Your stories of how you got into cuckolding?

    Not the first time you've been cuckolded, but the first time you ever got off on the idea of your girlfriend/wife with a bbc. Here's mine. You know how girls get piles of dick pics in their inbox? Well this was a problem for my ex girlfriend, she'd often complain about it to me. Talking about...
  3. S

    Best mind games

    A young man named Jeff would visit & started jokingly telling me I had a sexy wife. Then he started saying it in front of both of us. I would agree & my wife would blush. Then he told Debbie to kiss him goodbye. He made eye contact with me the whole time he would kiss her. So they would kiss...
  4. Maria2281975

    Should BBC cuckold wife wear lingerie for hubby??

    I have been in BBC cuckold relationship for almost six years. There have been a lot of fun, excitements, thrills and satisfaction. But sometimes there are confusions and frustrations too. One of those confusions and frustration is whether I should wear my lingerie for my cuckold husband as he...
  5. J

    Me and my wife are new.

    Hi my name is Jerry me and my wife are a white couple that been married for 10 years now in the Virginia Beach area and looking to spice things up! We always watched porn together and I always wanted to see her have sex with a another guy preferred black who is well hung! But white would do also...
  6. sissyMaya

    looking for a kinky partner.

    Hallo, I am young guy,submissive, smart, trained and very open minded. I am a normal guy but also I enjoy dressing up! I also like BDSM and I have different fetish. I am totally bottom. my age 26 year, I have been told I have good balances. I live in Germany and I have some kinky relationships...
  7. QoS wife gets double penetration

    QoS wife gets double penetration

    Love the way she moans
  8. Hopeful cuck

    Push she needs or over step the mark

    Ok my wife is wanting to move from roleplay to reality but shes teetering on the edge she has to go to Birmingham uk in may and will be in a nice hotel for four nights on her own would it be ok to set her up to be seduced or would i be pushing too hard. Its taken two years to get her to want...