1. Whitewifeneedsbbc

    Confession of a married white wife

    It was the day of my work Christmas party, and I was very excited. I always enjoyed them, and I was hoping tonight would be no different. "Right then." My boss called out to everyone on the floor. "Finish what you're doing and make your way home to glam yourselves up." I didn't need to ask...
  2. GFE BBC Confession Cuckold Teaser

    GFE BBC Confession Cuckold Teaser

  3. Confession Time to Master

    Confession Time to Master

    Time to start talking and confessing my cravings 4 BBC
  4. W

    Coming clean about cuck desires

    thanks for those who followed this little journey, moving forward we need to tread lightly and I'd rather no longer keep an open diary that traces all the dots together. thank you, wannabecucked1.
  5. notblackedyet

    after i told my wife. now what?

    ive completely opened up to my wife about my interracial fantasies. she is confused and reluctant to entertain the idea. after showing her a small collection of interracial pictures that i put together, she seemed to be at a loss of words and slightly disgusted with me. she said she felt sorry...
  6. H

    NEW MEMBER [HumbledMaleFeminist] - How does cuckolding and feminism intersect?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the site and just wanted to introduce myself but I wanted to get started in a unique way. I was actually hoping to get your thoughts on something that happened to me in real life. I wanted to send this introduction to give you a bit of background. Long story short...