cleanup duty

  1. I wonder what hubby is doing ;)

    I wonder what hubby is doing ;)

  2. Cleanup on aisle cock-teen

    Cleanup on aisle cock-teen

    Made a mess earlier this week need to be picked up. Where are the cum lovers
  3. 4

    Whos idea was it? Your or His Creampie Cleanup?

    Who's idea was it? Your or His? My wife started it and she coated her fingers with her love cream and waved it under my nose to smell and them had me suck her fingers clean. Trained me well Tell your story She also likes me to jerkoff on her nipples and rub the cum around her nipples.
  4. 4

    Who does Cleanup Poll

    How does Cleanup? Bull Hubby Boyfriend Lady friend
  5. done.jpg


    My friend had just gotten done pumping me full of his black seed and now it was my turn to clean what was left off his delicious dick with my full lips.
  6. E

    All dressed up: how my hubby became a sissy

    For a long time I though my husband simply liked to be cucked. I thought he just liked watching me with other men, like having live porn on. I thought he loved “the show” aspect. I soon learned that I was missing out on the best part of making him a cuckold. It started with a role play session...
  7. xhamster.com_14715777_cleanup_of_bulls_mess_720p.mp4


    Modern White Marriage. Clean that up cucky
  8. A Bull Cums in his Wife so he can Clean.mp4

    A Bull Cums in his Wife so he can Clean.mp4

  9. 3 loads he put in her

    3 loads he put in her

  10. A

    Around how many BBC creampies have you eaten in the last year?

    Question for white husbands. 1) Less than 10 2) Less than 50 3) Less than 100 4) Less than 250 5) Less than 500 6) More than 500 Have you noticed any health benefits?
  11. Clean up needed

    Clean up needed

    Just came for England after sex
  12. CuckoldCupNC

    Snorting BBC creampies

    Does anyone else do this besides me? I have never had so much energy before in my life after snorting our bulls loads? Its almost like a high? Is weird though I can't find Any videos, pictures or even people talking about this? I figured ESPECIALLY in the cuck community this would be all the...
  13. Get over here Cuck! Clean up time!

    Get over here Cuck! Clean up time!

    Another hot load from Jen's bull for her poor hubby to clean up on their Friday night sessions. She plotted days ahead of time and kept her bull from jerking off for days in order to make it as bad for her cuck as possible. Evil!
  14. JenCucksDave

    Creampie playdate tonight!

    We have plans tonight for a playdate for Jen and her new bull. She's been seeing him once or so a week for a month now, and he's as much into making messy creampies as we are. In fact, he gets off so much on making me clean his cum off Jen's pussy that he gets hard immediately from it and they...