cheating wives

  1. S

    Family members who enjoy black cock/have converted?

    For me its my aunt. Married to a white guy and has been caught with her black lover checking out of a motel by other members of the family!
  2. CuckoldCouple

    Would You Deny Her

    Your wife is on vacation without you and she meets the stud of her dreams. She craves his big, black cock but worries about what you'd think if you found out. Would you deny her this one opportunity to be truly fulfilled?
  3. CuckoldCouple

    Husband's Taunts Backfire

    On a recent vacation I told my drunken husband if he didn't stop teasing the men around us in a restaurant, I'd take him and one of them up on his silly statements. That's because he kept on asking not only the waiters, but other diners, not only if they thought I was sexy, but given the chance...
  4. CreamySweet

    My Alaska Cruise hook up fuck

    Ok so the basic story is my mom took me on a cruise to Alaska last year. My hubby stayed home with the kids. I have to tell you 90% of the passengers were like 100 years old - ok may not quite but damn close. Hubby told me to use a hall pass while on the cruise but my mom is super Christian...
  5. BlacqGold

    34m/stud/philadelphia seeking....

    Stud in the Philadelphia area looking for a hot wife or straight couple for play and fun. I can host at a hotel in center city philly looking for sometime in September or late August at the earliest.
  6. Ukcuckwanabe

    Question to white women

    Have you ever cheated on your husband/boyfriend with a black man/men with out them knowing and gone back to them and had them lick your pussy and make love to you afterwards while your lovers cum is still in you or your still wet from them fucking you with their bbc lol ? Just wondered how many...
  7. CuckoldCouple


    So many married women are doing this.