Husband's Taunts Backfire


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On a recent vacation I told my drunken husband if he didn't stop teasing the men around us in a restaurant, I'd take him and one of them up on his silly statements. That's because he kept on asking not only the waiters, but other diners, not only if they thought I was sexy, but given the chance and these were his words "Would you fuck my wife".

I didn't put him in the taxi back to our hotel, or practically carry him to our room. The person who did was another diner who was in the restaurant with a couple of his business friends. His name was Nick, a tall, handsome, black man and he did ask me if my husband was being real.

Sitting on his face as he licked out my pussy, and sucking his awesome cock told Nick I'd had enough of my husbands jests, and right there in front of my sleeping husband I was acting out what he'd been promising men all night.

It was definitely the best sex of my life and it happened not five feet away from the man who had taunted me all night long. Nick's ebony cock was simply the thickest, longest and hardest cock I'd had the total pleasure of taking up my soaking wet pussy. At one point my husband stirred and looked directly at us fucking, but soon slumped back to his drunken sleep. Even my loud orgasmic moaning didn't make him realize his wife was fucking another man, as Nick hammered my pussy from behind. Finally after I had cum loudly a few times, Nick emptied his huge balls into my pussy and left me more satisfied that could ever have imagined.

I tried the following night to get my husband pissed again, but alas he remained a hungover sober man. Nick and I did have a quick liaison near the same restaurant, but it was only to be spoiled by my husband returning too soon. It was a wonderful experience for me and one I know given the right opportunity again, I'd take on in a heart beat. So my husband's cheap shots at making me feel like his sex toy has backfired, only he doesn't know it.