1. What’s better you on your knees or you on your stomach?

    What’s better you on your knees or you on your stomach?

    Where do you want it?… idc it’s where I want it 😈
  2. Thick Black Dick

    Thick Black Dick

    I could use a hand with this. Or a mouth. Or two.
  3. James227

    4 BBC Bull NYC Gangbang

    My 3 burly friends and I will be hosting couples until the end of this month. Meetings can preferably be at a hotel or at my house. We will usually be in the Brooklyn area. You must be willing to travel. Please only serious couples contact me. Preferably we enjoy having the husband hold the camera
  4. A

    I want my gf to take bbc Brooklyn ny

    I want my gf to get bbc she’s 27 and 5’0 very submissive and 130lbs. She wants to try an older bbc maybe from 30-60 of age and we are very DL she’s also Puerto Rican and we stay in Brooklyn ny.
  5. thepsychmodel

    Nyc young athletic bbc back for the summer !!!

  6. Fat cumshot

    Fat cumshot

    Busting another fatty before bed
  7. M

    Brooklyn Bull Seeking Cucks for Friendship & Understanding

    I'm curious to get to know a cuck or two in person so that we might become friends and I can figure out, once and for all, what makes you guys so bizarrely different from us. What is the fundamental difference between an alpha and a beta? I have always interacted with wives and girlfriends...
  8. M

    Brooklyn Bull looking 4 mature

    I’m a 30 year old Brooklyn bull looking for a little bit of fun this weekend. :)
  9. EC9417E5-6CB0-4CE6-882E-FA7D8B98B51C.png


    Before the gym.
  10. B436CE97-A4DC-48AC-9250-770619377648.png


    Hard and ready to go for the 3 day weekend.
  11. werty

    6 month relationship

    I have been with my girlfriend for 6 months and I've never had a relationship this great. I've always watched interracial cuckold porn but never thought it could be a reality. Since my relationship started I haven't been watching porn. And the fantasy of her with a black bull is hot but I'm not...
  12. NYC what’s good??!!!

    NYC what’s good??!!!

  13. Cervixcomand3r

    Brooklyn Cuck iso Black king to seduce wife

    Every day I get a text, email, DM, from some unsuspecting beta male looking to match his significant other with a black king. Never mind that he’s in a predominantly black area, it doesn’t matter he’s having issues finding by Kings to seduce his beautiful wife. Go figure. Calling all Brooklyn...
  14. Busting a fatty on Christmas

    Busting a fatty on Christmas

  15. new york bbc for y'all

    new york bbc for y'all

    Wish i had a woman to suck this cock tonight.
  16. BBC for you ladies

    BBC for you ladies

    I'm so hard rn
  17. ACIixGs.png


  18. Busting another fat nut

    Busting another fat nut

  19. B


  20. GuyFromNY

    NYC Threesome!!

    Looking for a beautiful woman to join me and my lady friend for a Birthday Threesome in NYC!! She’s super hot and I’m super hung, I can provide pictures of her if/when you’re interested.